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From the Rector

On Strowan – Volume 14 // Issue 4 // 30 May 2019

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"… we are very fortunate to have such a professional committed team of teachers who give extra time and share their passions which provide students with such a number of opportunities …"
Christine Leighton, Rector

Term 2 is a very busy time regarding Year 9 enrolments and after a very well attended Open Day at the end of Term 1, Head of Middle School, Mikae Tuu’u, hosted another Year 9 Information Evening for students and parents at which a number of students shared their experiences and interests developed at St Andrew’s College. Once again, those speaking, plus others providing musical entertainment, were
an incredible example for our College.

This was of course also highlighted in the outstanding Senior College Production Parade. The many emails and comments I have received from those who attended this show made me so very proud of our young people who showed not only enormous talent but also incredible maturity and understanding of the complex themes explained in the storyline.

It has been a busy few weeks with the setting up of winter sport, and I pay tribute to all our teaching staff who either coach or manage sports teams, or cultural activities, on top of a full teaching load. At St Andrew’s we are very fortunate to have such a professional committed team of teachers who give extra time and share their passions which provide students with such a number of opportunities. The College also invests heavily in specialist coaching staff and mentors, some of whom are employed by the College and others who are volunteers. I encourage parents to remember that many of these staff and volunteers are generously giving their time to St Andrew’s for the benefit of your children and we are reliant upon their goodwill for the programmes we offer.

At the beginning of this term, on our staff only day we focused our attention upon our new Strategic Direction Framing Our Future. Fundamental to us realising our vision – ‘to be at the leading edge of high-performance education’, is a comprehensive understanding and shared commitment to our St Andrew’s College values; Truth, Excellence, Faith, Creativity, and Inclusivity. We are committed to fully understanding each of these values and what actions must support these as students, staff, parents, and Old Collegians in the context of 2019 and beyond.

Each term one of these values will be ‘unpacked’ and expectations described and shared. It is important we all share an understanding of what best practice looks like. These values are more than words and supported by explicit actions and behaviours that are ‘lived out’ by all in our community. This term’s value is ‘Excellence’; excellence in Learning (academic), Sports, Cultural activities, Social interaction, Service and Spiritual development (identified in our Strategic document as our Holistic Learning contexts).

I look forward to sharing our thoughts with you about what the value of ‘Excellence’ looks like at St Andrew’s College at the end of this term.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of your child(ren) and our College.

Nga mihi nui.

With kind regards, 

Christine Leighton

On Strowan – Volume 14 // Issue 4 // 30 May 2019