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Thursday 2 September 2021

Today’s Chaplaincy Online has our Senior Sacristan, Abby Jones (Year 13), and Assistant Sacristan, Sarah Anthony (Year 12), give their insights into compassion. Some wonderful stories are shared that give an expression to generosity of spirit. I am sure you will take something from what these two wonderful young women have to share.

College Chaplain, Rev. Paul Morrow


A message

We invite you to view a recording of this week's message.

A prayer

God of Compassion
Thank you for your love for our world.
A love that suffers with us,
A love that rejoices with us,
A love that stands beside us no matter what,
A love that we cannot be separated from. 

God of Love
Help us to see your love in our lives,
Where we can rejoice in another’s success,
And cry with another’s suffering.
Give us the compassion to be able to walk mercifully in another’s shoes. 

God of Grace
We are underserving of your favour,
Yet, we are gifted it anyway.
May this insight give us the grace to be gracious to others,
In all circumstances. 

Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.