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Learning at StAC

Te Ako ki StAC

"If we want our learners to be engaged, active, and collaborative in their learning, they need to embrace key competencies that equip them for the future."
David Bevin, Head of Teaching and Learning


Our Learning Contexts ensure that every student grows and develops through:

  • academic;
  • sporting:
  • cultural;
  • social;
  • service;
  • spiritual;

learning and experiences.

Our belief is that through this holistic approach, young people will develop character, discover their own identity and passions, and at the same time learn to appreciate the perspectives and differences in others.

We build independent and interdependent students who have the qualities needed for a changing world.

  • we want our learners to have knowledge and skills, know how to apply the knowledge and, just as importantly, how to learn. How (what strategies to use and when) is just as important as the what;
  • key competencies, which are managing self, thinking, using language, symbols, and texts, relating to others, and participating and contributing, are all foundations to learning at and beyond school;
  • we provide a broad curriculum that caters for a diverse range of student needs;
  • engaging learning experiences that are connected to a wider community make learning authentic.

Our aim is for students to understand what it means to be an effective learner. We want them to be independent, life-long learners. We want them to develop into adults who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate their future with confidence. We want them to flourish.

Our Teachers

Click to learn more about our inspiring teachersOur teachers understand the holistic nature of learning. It is cognitive, as well as emotional and social. We use current scientific research to inform our practice.

Our students are taught by passionate, highly-skilled and responsive teachers, many of whom are recognised nationally and internationally in their areas of expertise.

All of our teachers work hard to create innovative and inspirational learning experiences. They are committed to teaching the College’s learning values alongside their subject areas, encouraging students’ creativity, the ability to think and question critically, to collaborate, to self manage and to contribute positively to the world in which they live.

Our teachers are life-long learners themselves. Inquiry and reflection are at the core of what they do. Teachers undertake regular professional learning to develop their knowledge and practice in order to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners.

Technology and Innovation

St Andrew’s College values looking forward to the future and understand the skills student will need in order to succeed in an uncertain world. Confidence, creativity, and the ability to think critically are central to our philosophy.

We have the agility, flexibility and innovations to ensure our staff and students are well equipped for the unprecedented rate of exponential change in digital technology.

We have a purpose-built Innovation and Information Centre where students are encouraged to not just become fluent users of technology, but also skilled creators of digital innovations and inventions.

Students have access to modern fabrication equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters and tools, and work on various coding applications and programs to write simple and complex programs, design games, and automate processes and procedures. We have active robotics teams in both the Preparatory and Secondary Schools. Outside mentors, with expertise in a wide range of areas including the Internet of Things (IoT) are brought in to support our Digital Technology programmes.