Boarding staff and students setting up an activity.

Parenting Together

Mahitahi a ngā Mātua

Our boarding programme is a collaborative effort between our dedicated staff and engaged parents. At St Andrew's College, we believe in fostering a supportive and enriching environment for our students, and this ethos is at the heart of our boarding experience.

Parenting together

We foster unity through events and social occasions, creating a supportive community. The Parent Committee plays a vital role, facilitating communication and involvement. This partnership ensures a holistic boarding experience for your child, with shared insights benefiting both parents and staff in nurturing the well-being and growth of our students.

Working in partnership with families, we encourage them to attend as many school events and functions as possible. Extended family and friends are always welcome to join us for meals in the boarders’ dining room, and a lounge is provided in each boarding house as a meeting room for students and their families.

Events and Social Occasions

Boarding parents enjoy a vibrant community through a calendar of events and social occasions. From the welcome BBQ to special gatherings, we create opportunities for meaningful connections. These occasions provide a platform for boarder parents to engage, share experiences, and contribute to the supportive network that enhances the boarding experience for their children.

Boarding parents enjoy an evening event at St Andrew's College.

Parent Committee

The Boarder Parent Committee is an invaluable group, fostering communication and collaboration between parents and staff. This dedicated team plays a vital role in shaping the boarding experience, offering insights, support, and a sense of community. Through shared efforts, the committee enhances the well-being and growth of our students.

Two smiling boarding students outside the boarding houses holding their laptops.

Keeping In Touch

Effective communication is paramount, ensuring parents are informed and involved in their child's journey. Regular updates provide insights into daily life, academic progress through Fortnightly Feedback, and special events, fostering a strong partnership. This open line of communication enhances transparency, trust, and contributes to a positive and supportive boarding experience for your child and your family.

Boarding parents and a student reading welcome booklet.