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Invest in the next generation of leaders – your donation shapes a future of endless possibilities for St Andrew’s College students. The ongoing success of St Andrew’s is deeply rooted in the generous support we gratefully receive from our community. By donating, you play a direct role in securing a world-class education for current and future students, making a lasting impact on their lives.

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"Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much."

Helen Keller

A message from the Rector – A culture of giving

2022 was a challenging year when many were adversely affected by COVID-19, there continued to be strong support for the work of the Development Office. We are grateful to those who found themselves in a position to support our Development goals which included donations to our Ngā Performing Arts Centre and Gough Family Theatre. Members of our community, students, parents, and Old Collegians also continued to volunteer their time as sideline supporters, committee members, event organisers, or by making donations to fundraising events.

Generosity of spirit was also evident in the work of the students particularly those in the Community Service team. Various fundraising events supported worthy causes and the Year 13 Leavers’ Gift contributed funds to build a new trophy cabinet to grace the entrance foyer into the new Performing Arts Centre.

Across the world, philanthropists generously contribute to making the world a better place by choosing to support causes where they believe their dollars can truly make a difference. Education is top priority for many of these philanthropists with 30,000 foundations focusing at least some of their resource on this sector. Education is seen as the key to individual opportunity and the engine of national prosperity. Philanthropists see an imperative to address economic and social inequality, driven by a sense of moral obligation and social responsibility. To this end the St Andrew’s College Foundation annually supports the College Scholarship Programme with $415,000 per year to offset the cost of significantly reduced fees for scholarship students. Many prominent alumni have been the beneficiaries of this generosity.

Once again in 2022 St Andrew’s partnered with the Australasian charity So They Can. Three per cent of the donations made to the College were directed to So They Can with an impressive $28,716 making a tangible difference to life in this Tanzanian village.

I am very mindful that St Andrew’s College, as an independent school, is largely reliant upon payment of tuition fees to fund our operations. Our parents, often supported by grandparents or other family members, make considerable sacrifices to give their child a St Andrew’s College education. The tuition fees fund the ‘here and now’, including the salaries of teachers, support staff and specialist sports coaches, and cultural tutors. The College operates as efficiently as possible to enable any annual surplus to be invested back into the College for future capital projects. All the new facilities the College has enjoyed over the last twelve years including the new Preparatory School (Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school), Gym 2, new boarding houses, The Centennial Chapel, The Green Library and Innovation Centre, AstroTurf, outside recreation spaces and landscaped grounds, StACFit Fitness Centre, and in 2022 commencement of the Performing Arts Centre have resulted from this sound financial management.

Part way through the year Miranda Newbury left her position as Director of Development. Her good work over the previous three years left her staff, Development Co-ordinator, Mel Rissman and Alumni and Community Relations Co-ordinator, Lisa Clark, well positioned to continue their roles to the benefit of the College. I thank them for their tireless work in alumni and community engagement.

My sincere thanks to all who have contributed to St Andrew’s College throughout 2022. You are all part of this extensive community who, when working together, can achieve great things.

He waka eke noa.

Christine Leighton

The St Andrew's College Foundation

The St Andrew’s College Foundation, established in 1991, oversees the prudent management and investment of generous gifts from individuals, families, and businesses connected to the College. Through donor contributions and strategic diversified investment, the Foundation plays a vital role in securing the College’s financial stability. The St Andrew’s College Board, in collaboration with the Rector, strategically plans fundraising initiatives to enhance our educational offerings.

Your donation supports an enduring legacy. Contact the Development Office at or call +64 3 940 2021 to make a difference in our students’ future.

A message from the Foundation Chair

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Foundation Trustees to update you on the performance of the Foundation and to reiterate the importance of our role in protecting the long-term sustainability and independence of St Andrew’s College.

The St Andrew’s College Foundation continues to successfully fulfil its role of overseeing the management and prudent investment of endowment and donor funds. This function protects and underwrites the objectives of an independent St Andrew’s College.

A friend recently reminded me of something that Sir Tipene O’Regan said: “Look to the horizon, when everyone else is looking at the waves lapping at their feet” and never has this seemed more apt. The challenges of the past couple of years followed by the current economic outlook often tempts us to focus on the immediate problems. However, our role as trustees for the Foundation is primarily about the future and what our children’s children will need to navigate their world. Therefore, we recognise the responsibility that we have to ensure that those of you who have entrusted us with your donations know that we are indeed looking to the horizon. We remain very confident that the College is in very good hands and students remain the centre of our focus.

In terms of the reality of dealing with the current market conditions, 2022 was an extremely difficult year in which global share markets and all fixed interest markets declined by an average of 13.4 per cent. This was the sixth time since 1926 in which all markets declined concurrently. The cause was rooted in the global inflationary pressures resulting in large increases in interest rates, coupled with ongoing disruptions from COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. Since balance date the world markets have started to adapt to these influences and recover some of the lost value.

A valuation of the Foundation portfolio as at 28 February 2023 showed a 4.5 per cent increase of $581k to $13.44m (from the year end valuation of $12.85m).

On behalf of the College and St Andrew’s College Foundation I would like to record our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the individual people, families, and businesses that have supported our philanthropic aims during 2022. To all that have given, your gift no matter how big or small makes a real difference to St Andrew’s College and our current and future students.

Through giving to the Foundation, you are contributing to the cost of scholarships and general long-term well-being of the College. This allows students who, in other circumstances, would not have the opportunity to attend St Andrew’s College and gain an education which will prepare them for their future beyond school in a diverse society.

While it is the role of the College’s Development Department to facilitate the fundraising of funds for the Foundation (as well as for the building projects), the Foundation Board plan to work closely with the Development Department to assist with and support donors.

I assumed the role of Foundation Chair in 2022 and I would like to extend the College’s thanks to an outstanding group of Trustees. Their skills are drawn from a broad spectrum of industries and professions. This year my fellow Foundation Trustees, Matthew Lancaster and Richard Smith, were joined by three new Trustees, Mark Mulholland, Gordon MacLeod and Tom Stanley. It is our collective aim to continue to grow the Foundation and the Development Office, and Foundation Trustee’s welcome any queries in this regard.

David Boyd

St Andrew’s College Foundation

David Boyd St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

Foundation Trustees

    • David Boyd St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      David Boyd


      David Boyd St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      David Boyd


      David is an experienced executive and company director with a background in specialised manufacturing, medical devices, and consumer products, with a focus on international markets. He has been involved in the St Andrew's College community over the past 20 years as a parent and as a member of the Board of Governors serving as deputy Chair. A founding shareholder of Foot Science International Ltd here in Christchurch, he now serves as a director and is also an independent director of a number of other private New Zealand companies. A member of the national Board of Export New Zealand for the past 10 years, he now serves as the Chairperson and is also a long-time member of the Beachheads Advisory Board for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. “I have a particular interest in things that haven’t happened yet… and how we make sure that our children and their children will be ready to deal with the challenges we haven’t thought of.”

    • Matthew Lancaster St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Matthew Lancaster


      Matthew Lancaster St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Matthew Lancaster


      Matthew attended the College from 1980 to 1984. Now living in Auckland, he had an 11-year career in law followed by a 15-year career in the corporate trust industry, in which his last role was as co-founder and Managing Director of Foundation Corporate Trust, New Zealand’s only stand alone, full service supervisory business.

      Matthew has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Canterbury and is now studying to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History and Art History at the University of Auckland.

    • Richard Smith St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Richard Smith


      Richard Smith St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Richard Smith


      Richard attended the College from 1980–1984 and was Deputy Head Prefect, Drum Sergeant in the Pipe Band and Goalkeeper in the First XI Football team. After leaving Year 13, he was also a house tutor in the boarding house and tutored the Pipe Band. He graduated from the University of Canterbury with Law and Commerce degrees and then joined a national law firm, Duncan Cotterill, as a commercial lawyer. He was appointed as a Partner there in 1997 and is currently Chairman of the firm’s Board and Partnership. As well as the Foundation, Richard holds a number of other charitable trustee roles, including the Lamar Charitable Trust and the Halberg Endowment Fund (both supporting people with disabilities) and, locally, the Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust.

    • Mark Mulholland St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Mark Mulholland


      Mark Mulholland St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Mark Mulholland


      Mark attended St Andrew’s from 1969–1972, where he was active in a range of pursuits including Pipe Band, cricket, rugby, and performing arts. He was a prefect in his final year at the College and is a long-standing member of the Old Collegians Association committee, with stints from 1973–1975, and from 2004 to the present, serving as President from 2016–2018.

      After attending Lincoln College, Mark has been a crop farmer for over 45 years, and a dairy farmer for nine years. He has served on various groups, including Malvern Community Arts Council, Malvern Farmers Vet Club, Foundation for Arable Research, Crop and Food Soil Management Group, FAR Arable Research Group, Managing Director Piako Ltd, New Zealand Agricultural Show Canterbury Committee and as Section Chairman, Senior Partner LK Farms Ltd.

    • Tom Stanley St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Thomas Stanley


      Tom Stanley St Andrew's College Foundation Trustee

      Thomas Stanley


      Tom attended St Andrew’s from 2003–2007 and was actively involved in rugby, cricket, touch, and performing arts. In his final year at the College, Tom was a Prefect, Head of Sport, and Head of Peer Support. After graduating from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Engineering, Tom plunged into the Canterbury Earthquake response as a Consulting Structural Engineer at Powell Fenwick. A two-year stint playing rugby for the Hawkes Bay Magpies (2014–2015) proved the catalyst for Tom to pivot from engineering, pursuing a Master’s degree (and a Varsity Match Blue) at the University of Cambridge. Following his Masters, Tom landed on the front line of financial markets in London and more recently Hong Kong. His roles in financial markets spanned from Prime Brokerage Sales to Equity Sales Trading, and more recently Prime and Delta One Sales Trading with Citibank in London and Hong Kong. Having traded with Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Pension Funds through the Hong Kong protests and the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, Tom decided to move back to New Zealand in mid-2021 to be closer to family, and start his own family. Since moving back to New Zealand Tom has joined Amicus Group as a Partner and Director specialising in Investment Advisory.

A lasting impact

Donors’ support stems from a range of motives, including the desire to cultivate world-class facilities for the very best learning experiences, and to champion achievements in academics, sports, and culture. Many contributors find fulfillment in the meaningful impact of securing an outstanding education for future generations. Your generosity can play a crucial role in sustaining and advancing the excellence that St Andrew’s College is known for.

Take the opportunity to join us in shaping a bright future for current and future generations of StAC students through your much-appreciated financial support.

Reasons to Give


Championing Academic Excellence

Support academic initiatives and programmes that nurture the culture of excellence our College is known for.


Campus and Facilities Enhancement

Support improvements to facilities that enhance the overall College experience, ensuring the very best environment for learning.


Sports Achievements

Fuel the success of our sports teams and individual athletes by fostering a healthy and balanced sporting spirit, encouraging camaraderie, fair play, and good sportsmanship.


Cultural Enrichment

Contribute to the vibrancy of our cultural programmes, helping students explore and express their talents in the arts, music, and other creative pursuits.


Community Building

Strengthen our school community by fostering a sense of pride, involvement, and shared commitment among students, parents, and alumni.


Innovation and Technology

Keep our College at the forefront of education by contributing to the integration of new technologies and innovative teaching methods.

Ways to Give

St Andrew’s College warmly welcomes and appreciates your support. To make a donation, explore the ways to give below and take the first step toward shaping the future of our College.

Please reach out to our friendly Development team if you would like to discuss your gifting in confidence over the phone or in person. Phone +64 3 940 2021 or email

Your support is a pivotal force in shaping the future of our school.

Donate online via our easy online donation form, or choose one of the payment options below.

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    • for international transfers, use SWIFT code: BKNZNZ22

    You will receive a donation receipt via email.

  • College Account

    Current parents/caregivers also have the option to donate via disbursement from their College Account.

What you can give to

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St Andrew’s College Foundation | General Gift

Through giving an untagged gift to the Foundation, you are contributing to the long-term growth and development of our institution, and allowing the Foundation the flexibility to direct these funds where they are most needed.

Co-ed students in the classroom.

Endeavour and Foundation Scholarships

Your support will ensure that we can continue to provide students with exceptional academic, sporting, or cultural ability, with an incredible opportunity to access the world-class education and special environment at St Andrew’s College, in which their unique talents and abilities can flourish, and develop to their full potential.

Rector’s Discretion | Hardship Bursaries

By providing targeted financial assistance, scholarships, and emergency grants, we ensure that every student has equitable access to learning resources, textbooks, and essential supplies. Together, we create a supportive ecosystem where no student’s educational journey is compromised due to financial constraints.

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Campus Enhancement

Your support enables us to enhance classrooms, upgrade technology, create vibrant outdoor spaces, and provide state-of-the-art resources for our students and faculty. Together, we can build a campus that fosters innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Explore Giving Options

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Making a gift in your Will

A gift in your Will (bequest) to St Andrew’s College will help create confident, articulate, compassionate, caring and creative young people of energy and integrity, for generations.

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Donor Societies

To thank our donors for their generous gifts over the years, St Andrew’s College notes cumulative contributions, and welcomes members to our various donor societies.

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Thanking our Donors

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed donors, who we take great pride in acknowledging.

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Thanking our Sponsors

Our sponsors are valued partners whose generous support gives our College and students an advantage in cultural and sporting pursuits.

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Our Projects

Browse our past and current fundraising projects.

Philanthropy Report

The Philanthropy Report celebrates and highlights the philanthropy, volunteering and community of St Andrew’s College. It also provides an opportunity for us to thank our generous donors and supporters.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, from 2019 to 2022 a total of $3.2 million was raised through campaigns such as Your Legacy, Our Future. Fundraising has supported the College investment in building the Centennial Chapel (2016), Gym 2 (2016), the StACFit Fitness Centre (2022), and Ngā Toi – Performing Arts Centre (2024), including the Gough Family Theatre, at a combined cost of $35 million. In addition, the St Andrew's College Foundation provides support for student scholarships.

Each year our generous donors make a big difference to the growth of the Foundation, which continues to benefit the lives of many students.

St Andrew's College Philanthropy report 2022