A group of Ladies Circle members at lunch in Strowan House.

Ladies’ Circle

Porohita Wāhine

The St Andrew’s College Ladies' Circle was founded in 1958 by the then Rector’s wife, Dorothy Stewart, as a gardening circle. Its main contribution was to provide floral arrangements for assemblies and chapel services.

Any woman connected to the College is welcome to become a member

Today’s Ladies' Circle is a friendly group of women who have an association with the College and provide ongoing contact for the women of our College community once their children have left school. They have an excellent monthly programme, meeting on the last Friday of each month to socialise and listen to special guest speakers. Special outings and lunches are enjoyed frequently. Fundraising in support of the College and donations to charities form part of their annual calendar of activities.

Contact Information


For further information, please contact the Ladies’ Circle President, Pat Hopping.