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International Students' Testimonials

Ngā kōrero taunaki a ngā ākonga huriao

Below you will find testimonials from international alumni students as they discuss their experience at St Andrew's College.

For any further enquiries, please click here to complete an enquiry form, or contact the Director of International Students and Exchanges, Palē Tauti, on or phone +64 3 940 2086.

JingYang Xu (2017–2021)

After my first arrival in New Zealand in 2017, the daunting challenge I faced was adapting to the new environment. Being a 13 year old boy who used to heavily rely on my parents, I had to push myself to become more independent and thoughtful. With the support from the StAC international department, I gradually discovered my own place in the College and formed friendships with both international and domestic students.

The inclusivity of this school to different cultures was the driving force for me to reveal the true me. Throughout my time at St Andrew’s College, I always believed that this was one of the most crucial elements that provided me a delightful experience.

Academically, I was aware of the different pressures students experienced under the Chinese and the New Zealand schooling system. I was, however, still overwhelmed by NCEA at Year 11, due to being uncertain about my future. But now looking back at it, I am grateful for the wide range of course selections provided by St Andrew’s College, which provides students with opportunities to cultivate and develop their own interests and achieve high academic goals, which in my opinion, are complementary.

For me, my enjoyment of doing mathematics had faded after years of study under the competitive Chinese examination system. However, I found the joy of mathematics after two years of class time with my Math’s teacher, Mr. Adams. I was inspired by the delivery of his lessons, which made a remarkable impact on me and my decisions for my future career path.

Being an international student, I was aware of the difference from other students around the campus; different skin colours, different cultural backgrounds, languages and interests. But I believe this is the uniqueness of St Andrew’s College, where they embrace all differences and provide the opportunities and a platform for us to deepen our insights into personal growth with preparation to take on the challenges ahead in the wider world.

I am pleased my family made the decision to support my journey of joining St Andrew's College.

Friederike Moerke (2015–2017)

My two and half years at St Andrew’s College was life changing. Not only did I master learning English on a native level, but I also developed self-confidence, independence, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity.

Moreover, the College helped me to make global connections and expanded my global network due to long-life friendships made with New Zealanders, Australians, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese people.

During my time at StAC, I was constantly challenged with stepping out of my comfort zone while engaging in new experiences. Next to my personal development, StAC opened my career prospects to study International Hospitality Management in the Netherlands and work for the largest international hotel chain in the world, the Hilton.

In summary, the teaching, boarding house staff and students made St Andrew’s College feel like a home away from home. Due to their care, encouragement, and support I received during my time at StAC I was able to develop on a personal level and experience a number of firsts. With the possibility of going to friend’s places, guardian families or staying in the boarding house in the weekends, unforgettable memories were created.

I would highly recommend St Andrew’s for anyone who is interested in embarking on an incredible journey while receiving an exceptional education and making life-long friends and memories.