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Student Well-being

Te Toiora o te Ākonga

The well-being of international students and their ability to access help when they need it, is a prime concern at St Andrew’s College.

We follow the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, and have the processes and resources in place to ensure that international students feel welcomed, comfortable, safe, and supported throughout their time at St Andrew’s. We also have our own Pastoral Care programme. Tutors keep a close watch on the academic and personal progress of every student in their group, with Deans, Principals and counsellors available to help if problems arise. Members of the International Department also take a special interest in the progress and well-being of international students.

Students can access academic and pastoral support from a number of people on campus, including our Director of International Students and Exchanges, Mr Palē Tauti, who understands the challenges many young people face when they leave their homes and families to study in another country.

Residential Caregiver

Another key support person for international students is an English-speaking, Christchurch based contact who acts as their student residential caregiver. Residential Caregivers are a member of the Christchurch community and are often someone who speaks the student’s language. They provide the student with support and guidance, and help with setting up things like bank accounts, doctor’s appointments, and visa and immigration requirements. The Residential Caregiver can also act as a homestay for the student during school holidays.

Education Code of Practice 2021

St Andrew's College is bound by the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021.

The purpose of this code is to support the Government’s objectives for international education by:
(a) requiring signatories to take all reasonable steps to protect international students; and
(b) ensuring, so far as is possible, that international students have in New Zealand a positive experience that supports their educational achievement.

Health Centre

St Andrew’s College has its own Health Centre, staffed during school hours by a Registered Nurse to support students’ physical, social, emotional and psychological health.


For students/families who are not happy with the final outcome of their grievance and would like further support, they are welcome to contact iStudent Complaints.

iStudent Complaints is an independent dispute resolution scheme established by the New Zealand Government to encourage swift settlement of contractual and financial disputes between international students and their education providers in New Zealand.

For more information about iStudent Complaints, click here or phone 0800 006 675.