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Board of Governors

Responsibility for the strategic direction and educational, financial and reputational success of St Andrew’s College rests with an elected Board of Governors and the Executive team.

All members of the Board of Governors and Executive Team have access to extensive professional development opportunities, including the annual Independent School New Zealand Conference.

Board of Governors

The Board meets each month and undertakes an annual strategic planning workshop to ensure St Andrew’s College remains closely attuned to the challenges and opportunities that will affect its future. It is fully committed to providing world-class facilities and to resourcing the College’s academic and operational staff to ensure a culture of continuous improvement.

The local community has the opportunity to attend the Board Annual General Meeting. From time to time community consultation meetings will be held where any member of the public can attend.

Current members of the Board of Governors are:
Mrs Felicity Odlin (Board Chair)
Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)
Mr Nick Letham (Deputy Chair)
Mr David Evans (Board Secretary)
Ms Stephanie Bain
Mr Rob Hall
Mr Richard Holyoake
Mr Malcolm Johns
Mr Peter Nelson
Mr Rob Woodgate

Executive Team

Management of all aspects of College operations is led by the Executive team, which meets weekly, and at other times when circumstances demand it, to manage all operational aspects of the thriving and multifaceted community of St Andrew’s College.

The Executive team works closely along the group of passionate, skilled teachers at St Andrew’s to ensure it remains a place of exceptional achievement with spirit and heart, where students have the opportunity to excel, and grow their talents and personal qualities.

The current Executive team is:
Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)
Mr David Evans (General Manager)
Mr Evert van Florenstein (Head of Secondary School)
Mr Jonathan Bierwirth (Principal of Preparatory School)
Mr David Bevin (Head of Teaching and Learning)
Mr Hamish Bell (Head of Values and Culture)
Mr Dave Hart (Director of ICT)

Annual Report

Please click here to view our 2020 Annual Report. 

Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care

Please click here to read the statement regarding the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care.