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Student-centered Learning

Ako Pānga-Ākonga

Prep Visible Learning

Student Centred Learning, delivered by inspired and passionate teachers to happy and engaged learners is at the heart of everything we do in the St Andrew’s College Preparatory School.

This approach helps our students to understand and explain their learning journey and what helps them to learn. They are encouraged to seek feedback, and develop a mindset based around thinking and learning.

The quality of our teaching staff is the most crucial factor in determining the quality learning experience at St Andrew’s. Our teachers are committed to your child reaching his or her potential, and to their own professional development. This means your child learns from the very best.

Our take on the Modern Learning Environment (MLE)

In the Preparatory School we have one teacher with one class because we believe this structure provides the all-important connection between teacher and student. We recognise the Modern Learning Environment in most New Zealand schools (where 60 or 90 children are with two or three teachers) doesn’t necessarily produce optimal results and makes it difficult to nurture a strong connection. We believe a strong child/teacher connection supports the child’s learning potential and delivers the best possible results. Independent research and the school’s own longitudinal evidence surrounding that connection is very clear.


As a well-resourced independent school, we have the ability to move quickly and respond to innovation in order to enrich our students’ learning. We don’t, however, jump on board with every new fad. We like to consider the research and implement development where it is proven to be advantageous.


We foster positive, ongoing relationships with parents throughout their child’s time at the Preparatory School. Our teachers communicate with parents in an encouraging, supportive and reflective manner. We are committed to reaching out, holding honest conversations and resolving any issues if they arise.