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Boarding Fees and Government Bursaries

Fees to stay in one of our three Boarding Houses are paid in addition to domestic or international tuition fees.

2021 Boarding Fees (per annum) for New Zealand Residents

Years 9–13

The fee for weekday-only boarders is the same.
Fee includes GST.

2022 Boarding Fees (per annum) for International Students

Years 9–13

NZ$ per annum. Includes a New Zealand Goods and Services Tax. Paid in addition to tuition fees.

Government Bursaries

School Boarding Allowance

Students are eligible to apply for a boarding allowance if they demonstrate they are facing barriers to achieving educational success, and that boarding away from home will remove those barriers.

Students can apply for a boarding allowance if they meet one of the two eligibility criteria:


Access Barrier
The student’s home is geographically isolated, for example in a remote rural or island location, far from the nearest secondary school.


Multiple Barriers
The student’s educational success is negatively affected by:

  • poor or negative relationships;
  • behavioural issues;
  • low educational achievement;
  • their home environment.

For further information visit the Ministry of Education website here
If you have any questions or need help with the application, contact the Boarding Allowance Team at the Ministry of Education.

P: +64 4 463 8085

Boarding Allowance Team
Ministry of Education
PO Box 1666
Wellington 6140

All applications for the following school year are due by 31 October each year.
Decisions are issued early December.

Travel Assistance

Students receiving a school boarding allowance are also eligible for travel assistance. The cost of travel at the beginning and end of each term, in excess of $10.00, will be refunded. The amount is based on public transport fares where such transport is available.

Secondary School Boarding Allowance

Senior College students who wish to study a course not offered by local high schools and who are obliged to live away from home, may receive an allowance of $2725 per annum.

Where students are pursuing a course containing subjects at both Year 12 and 13 levels, a secondary boarding allowance will be awarded only if the student is taking at least four subjects at one level – i.e. four nationally-approved NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3 subjects. Note: in recent years the Ministry has only approved applications where students are taking at least two subjects not available at the local school.

Technical Boarding Allowance

These allowances of $2725 per annum are awarded to students in Years 10 and 11 who must live away from home in order to take a course containing an agriculture subject or workshop subject not available at their local school.

For further information on government boarding allowances, please contact the Head of the Secondary School on +64 3 940 2013.