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In the Pre-school

St Andrew's College Pre-school is a well-resourced specifically designed environment set within the wider St Andrew's College campus. Children at St Andrew's College Pre-school participate in whole school events and have access to the facilities used by students in the Preparatory and Secondary Schools – such as science labs, the television studio, the Preparatory School Library and the drama centre.


Our teachers carefully plan each day in the Pre-school to integrate a broad range of curriculum areas and to extend each child’s experiences and learning. The younger children tend to make discoveries through art, construction and storytelling, while the older children learn through collaboration, research, creative writing, measurement, plan making, drama and dance.

Each child is able to choose freely from the following curriculum areas:

  • Literacy;
  • Numeracy;
  • Transition to school;
  • Environmental Studies;
  • Mathematics;
  • Language;
  • Art, Practical and Art Appreciation;
  • Music;
  • Cultural studies;
  • Drama;
  • Yoga;
  • Physical Education;
  • Construction & Design.

Pre-school children spend part of each morning with a key teacher. This is a valuable time for them to work in small groups and engage in inquiry-based learning.

One of the advantages of being part of the wider St Andrew’s College campus is that our children participate in whole school events, and have access to facilities used by students in the Preparatory and Secondary Schools, such as science labs, the television studio, Preparatory School library and drama centre.


Formal Parent Teacher Interviews are held in the first and third term of each year where child’s progress, interests, abilities and areas for development are shared. Observation and assessment sheets, record sheets and child profile books are kept and updated daily to document each child’s progress. The Head of the Pre-school and teachers are always available to speak with parents.

Parents are encouraged to spend time with their child in the Pre-school, to contribute to our programme, and to be involved in decision making concerning their child.

Our Communications

Notice Board
A parents' notice board is prominently displayed in the entrance to the Pre-school.

Daily News
A diary is written each day to inform parents about the events of the day. This is located on the table in the foyer.

Operations Manual
The St Andrew’s College Pre-school Operations Manual is available at all times in the Parent Library. Policies and procedures are continually being reviewed and updated. Your comments and suggestions are valued.

Parent Evenings/Parent Participation
Parent evenings are held during Terms 1, 2, and 3. Each term parents are invited to celebrate children’s learning at events including our Sports Day, Art Exhibition, Music Festival, Science Fair and a Nativity Play.