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Justice – civic strengths that build community



Working well as a member of a group or team

Why does teamwork matter?

Collaborative skills are vital at school and in the workplace. A person strong in the teamwork strength can develop trust, communicate effectively and appreciate a diversity of ideas when contributing to a group effort. They are socially responsible, loyal and value contributing. Teamwork is about citizenship and seeing yourself as part of a larger whole.

What does teamwork look like?

Students with teamwork might:

  • flourish in a leadership role;
  • enjoy participating in group activities and team sports;
  • value participating in community service activities;
  • form relationships with a wide variety of people.

Teachers with teamwork might:

  • enjoy collaborating with colleagues when developing units or marking work;
  • participate in committees and subject associations;
  • lead other teachers in their subject area.



Positively influencing others.

Why does leadership matter?

Leadership is a vital for any organisation or group of people. Leaders encourage and motivate people to take action, while at the same time maintaining positive and respectful relations with people in the group. Leaders organise group activities and make things happen.

What does leadership look like?

Students with leadership might:

  • enjoy working with others towards a common goal;
  • be interested in others and value their ideas and opinions;
  • have a vision for what a group of people can achieve and express their ideas effectively;
  • be respected by their peers and make others feel valued.

Teachers with leadership might:

  • enjoy leading change;
  • feel accomplishment when they positively impact others;
  • think up projects and ideas that could improve teaching and learning.



Treating all people the same.

Why does fairness matter?

When people value fairness they believe in equal opportunity for all. Fairness is a moral value that emphasises the importance of treating all people the same. People that have fairness as a strength will not let personal feelings bias their decisions about others and will always give people a fair chance. This strength is related to kindness, justice and moral reasoning.

What does fairness look like?

Students with fairness might:

  • stand up against unjust behaviour;
  • form positive relationships with a wide variety of people;
  • have a strong opinion on justice and moral issues.

Teachers with fairness might:

  • create a classroom environment that is fair and consistent;
  • not be influenced by others’ ideas and opinions;
  • have strong morals that they role model in their lessons.