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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

By John Boyne

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Book review written by Daniel Dolan (Year 10 2020)

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, written by John Boyne, is a very engaging story. This interesting book is set in World War II. It is about this boy called Bruno who moved out from Berlin to somewhere in Poland or Germany. His Dad got promoted to oversee a concentration camp. Bruno goes exploring and meets a boy who lives on the other side of the big barb wire fence, the concentration camp.

Interestingly this book is written from a naïve boy’s perspective, which is also the German perspective. This makes the book interesting because it shows us things from a somewhat difference understanding. Most books are that I know of are written from the Jewish perspective.

What I took from this is that not all German people liked what Hitler was doing during this time, but that not all German people were at fault. However, it is very clear that Hitler was.

Readers between the age of 8–13 should read this. I think this because young people this age need to know what people of a similar age, back in World War II were going through. It teaches us about differing perspectives and how we need to know not all people understood what was happening at that time. I also think that everyone should read this because it is good that everyone knows what the Jews went through to live. Overall, this book is engaging and interesting to read.

Boyne, B. (2006). The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Book review written by Daniel Dolan (Year 10 2020)