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A Duck's Tale

The 2017 Middle School Production - Lucky Duck

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The story followed the sassy and strong Serena (Isla Lewis, Year 10), the ugliest duck in the barnyard, as she embarked on a journey of self-discovery to realise her dream of becoming a famous singing diva. Along the way, she encountered an eclectic mix of other avian characters, including makeover queen Goosetella (Sage Klein, Year 10) and her hilarious sidekick Armand Dillo (Andrew Garbett, Year 10) who were responsible for transforming Serena from downtrodden duck into a sensational swan.

Serena also made friends with the enigmatic Wolf (Archie Milligan, Year 10) and his off-siders Clem Coyote (Kaycee Tamou, Year 10) and Carl Coyote (Xavier Dickason, Year 10) without realising she was part of their dinner plans, and fought off the advances of Drake (Jack Calder, Year 9) the barnyard prince. The leads were supported by an enthusiastic cast of other birds and barnyard creatures.

Like all good stories, Serena became the singing sensation she desired, Wolf realised the error of his ways, and true love between the unlikely pair reigned.

Director Ginnie Thorner says the quirky, little-known ‘Off Broadway’ musical was a great choice for the perfectly sized cast. “Lucky Duck was a delight from start to finish. The cast came to auditions with so much energy and the roles were lots of fun to create. This year we had a mix of experienced cast members and those who haven’t performed before. It was great to see some new faces on the StAC stage.”

Hans Christian Andersen's traditional fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, was given an ultra modern twist in the Middle School production, Lucky Duck.