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From the Board Chair

Regulus Address // Issue 1 // May 2019

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I am writing this column in the immediate aftermath of the tragic events of Friday 15 March.

While this mass murder of New Zealanders will be forever incomprehensible and indelibly etched in our collective consciousness, it is the heart-warming response from our community, the togetherness, the outpouring of love, kindness and compassion which defines us and will endure.

It is my belief that this, together with a resolute personal commitment from each of us to confront and call out racism and prejudice, and to demand tighter gun control, that will see good come from evil. I have no doubt New Zealand and Christchurch will emerge from this tragedy as a more inclusive and tolerant society.

The Board is so very grateful for the leadership and actions of management, teachers, and staff, which ensured everyone was safe and kept well informed on the day, and comforted and supported in the days since.

At the beginning of Term 1 we published Framing Our Future. This document defines the direction of the College and is a reflection of the conversation held with our community over the last 12 months. Its purpose is to define where we are heading and what is most important in moving along that path and, in so doing, to be a touchstone for all planning and decision making. The Board appreciates the rich insight garnered from the input of so many people, which has been valuable in understanding the success of St Andrew’s College to date and discovering what’s going to sustain and grow this into the future.

On Friday 15 February, I had the privilege of representing the Board of Governors at the Academic Assembly to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding academic achievement in 2018. The award recipients contributed to possibly the highest academic achievement in the College’s history, and certainly the highest in recent years.

The Board is proud of their achievements and we are especially grateful for the contribution this makes to the reputation of the College. We recognise that behind every high achieving student are teachers who dedicate their professional lives to student learning and development. And of course, there are families who have invested in a St Andrew’s College education and provided guidance, encouragement, and support. We thank the teachers and the families for everything you have done to enable and support high academic performance, and for your dedication to these young people. And we thank the students whose collective achievements are simply sensational.

Chris Janett

At the first Board meeting of the year, we acknowledged Chris Janett and her significant contribution to the College. Chris, having served on the Board as staff nominee for four-and-a-half years, decided to retire. Her knowledge of the teaching profession, engagement with staff, profile in our community, and visibility around the campus has enabled her insightful and well considered contribution. She has been a valuable and influential Governor and her contribution will be missed. The process to appoint a new staff nominee Board member is underway and is expected to be resolved by the end of April, with ratification at the AGM in June.

The weeks and months ahead will be challenging. More than ever we will need to draw on the power of our collective humanity, to be there and care for each other, and be strong and resilient together. We have done it before, and we must do it again for the sake of our children and our community.


Bryan Pearson
Board Chair
On behalf of the Board of Governors

The Board Chair's Address from the first edition of Regulus for 2019.

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