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Another incredible year of academic achievement


More news for Secondary School

Many students achieved outstanding success in NCEA with a total of 209 Excellence endorsements gained across all three levels (69 at Level 1, 86 at Level 2, 54 at Level 3). We congratulate all students who gained overall Excellence endorsements, along with the many students who gained subject endorsements.


gained NCEA at Level 1     


gained NCEA at Level 2     


gained NCEA at Level 3     


gained University Entrance  

New Zealand Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the 21 Year 13 students, two Year 12 students, and one Year 11 student who achieved 43 New Zealand Scholarships, including 13 Outstanding Scholarships in 2018. College Dux, Russell Boey, was placed in the top 11 scholars in New Zealand, and joined Zachary Scheiwe and Qiunan (Velia) Men (all Year 13) in the top 50 students nationwide. Amy Wells (Year 13), finished as the top Agriculture and Horticulture student in New Zealand.

  • Jack Aimer – Physics (Outstanding), Calculus;
  • Samuel Armitage – Biology;
  • Gareth Barron – Geography (Outstanding);
  • Russell Boey – English (Outstanding), Chemistry (Outstanding), Statistics (Outstanding) Calculus (Outstanding), Economics (Outstanding), Physics;
  • Lewis Broadhurst – Design;
  • Bryson Chen – Biology, Chemistry, Statistics;
  • Mitchell Davis – Chemistry;
  • Joshua Dillon – English, Physics;
  • Toby Gardener – Health and Physical Education;
  • Vera Goessman – Economics;
  • Tom Hoare – Photography (Outstanding);
  • Ewan Lawson – English;
  • Hamilton Martin (Year 12) – Calculus;
  • Imogen McNeill (Year 11) – English;
  • Qiunan (Velia) Men – Statistics (Outstanding), English, Biology, Chemistry, History;
  • Xavier Moir – Statistics;
  • Louis Newman – Music;
  • Leo Noordanus – Media Studies;
  • Mitchell Radcliffe – Biology (Outstanding), Chemistry, Physics;
  • Zachary Scheiwe – Physics (Outstanding), Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus, Economics;
  • Wei Chien (Ariel) Tan – Design;
  • Amy Wells – Agriculture and Horticulture (Outstanding);
  • Benoit Wynn-Williams – Technology;
  • Charles Zhang (Year 12) – History (Outstanding).

Board Scholarships

In 2018 there were 47 students who qualified for a Board of Governors' Scholarship after gaining NCEA Level 3 Excellence endorsements.

  • Jack Aimer
  • Samuel Armitage
  • Oliver Bailey
  • Megan Blackwood
  • Lewis Broadhurst
  • Sophie Buist
  • Louisa Collerton
  • Joshua Collins
  • Mitchell Davis
  • Joshua Dillon
  • Annalisa Fleming
  • Georgia Foster
  • Augustus Galbraith
  • Erik Goesmann
  • Vera Goesmann
  • George Gray
  • Oliver Griffith-Jones
  • Ella Guillemot-Mene
  • Matthew Huang
  • Emma Innes
  • Judith Jewell
  • Chase Jordan
  • Yonni Kepes
  • Harrison Lloyd
  • Qiunan Men
  • Patrick Moran
  • Lily Morrow
  • Luca Newman
  • Louis Newman
  • Jackson Page
  • Mitchell Radcliffe
  • Thomas Rance
  • Isabella Roberts
  • Zachary Scheiwe
  • Harry Seigne
  • Dougal Shepherd
  • Ben Smith
  • Kate Sproule
  • Charlotte Stuck
  • Wei Chien (Ariel) Tan
  • Ella Waite
  • George White
  • Charlotte Whittaker
  • Harry Wilkinson
  • Alexander Wilson
  • Georgia Woollett
  • Benoit Wynn-Williams
Prizegiving Russell

Russell Boey – Dux 2018

Russell Boey was the well-deserved winner of the David Wilton Prize for the Dux of St Andrew’s College for 2018. He excelled across a number of academic disciplines and was involved in the wider life of the school. Russell was awarded the General Excellence Prize, the Mathematics with Statistics Prize, the Timothy Sturge Cup for Mathematics, the Economics Prize, the Physical Science Prize, and the ICAS Gold Medal for Year 13 Science. He was also awarded six NZQA Scholarships, five at Outstanding level. In 2018, he represented New Zealand at the 50th Chemistry Olympiad in Bratislava and Prague, where he won a bronze medal.

Many students achieved outstanding success in NCEA with a total of 209 Excellence endorsements gained across all three levels.