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Another year of impressive NCEA achievement

Regulus // Issue 1 // May 2023

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Corin Simcock (OC 2022), St Andrew's Premier Award winner in the New Zealand Scholarship examinations.

St Andrew’s College students once again achieved impressive success in NCEA, with a total of 274 Excellence endorsements across all three year levels (98 at Level 1, 99 at Level 2, and 77 at Level 3), and 100 per cent of students gaining NCEA at Level 2. This was the College’s second-best result ever and was incredibly pleasing given the disruptions caused by COVID-19 over the last three years. Congratulations to all students who gained overall Excellence endorsements, along with the many students who gained subject endorsements.

99.1% gained NCEA at Level 1100% gained NCEA at Level 297.6% gained NCEA at Level 387.7% gained University Entrance

Record-breaking New Zealand Scholarship Awards

St Andrew’s College achieved record-breaking success in the 2022 NZQA Scholarship examinations, with 33 students (including five in Year 12 and two in Year 11) achieving 77 Scholarships (12 at Outstanding level) between them, easily breaking the previous record of 62. Stand out achievers were Corin Simcock, Luke Zhu, Tom Edwards and Toby Harvie (all Year 13 – read their story on page 13), Ethan Adams, Grace Lawrence, Thomas Rae, Harry Withers and Cindy Xiong (all Year 13 who achieved Outstanding Scholarships), and Gemma Lewis, Annika MacDonald, Lachlan Odlin, Daniel Robertson, William Russell (all Year 12) Christine Jeon and Megan Simpson (both Year 11) who also achieved Scholarships. These results reflect the exceptional commitment and talent of our students and the quality of guidance, encouragement, and support given by their teachers throughout the year.

Ethan Adams (Year 13) – Technology (Outstanding);
Sarah Anthony (Year 13) – Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus, Religious Studies;
Finn Bradshaw (Year 13) – Biology;
Chang Chang (Year 13) – Calculus;
Tom Edwards (Year 13) – Technology (Outstanding – Top Scholar in New Zealand), Statistics (Outstanding), Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Geography, Classical Studies;
Jonty Foote (Year 13) – Biology;
Eloise Fraser (Year 13) – Agriculture and Horticulture;
Toby Harvie (Year 13) – Calculus (Outstanding), English, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Geography, Technology;
Rachel Holyoake (Year 13) – English;
Harrison Hooker (Year 13) – Geography;
Jacob Horrey (Year 13) – Design and Visual Communication;
Christine Jeon (Year 11) – Music;
Thomas Kamo (Year 13) – English, Classical Studies;
Charles Keith (Year 13) – Technology;
Jakarta Klebert (Year 13) – Health and Physical Education;
Grace Lawrence (Year 13) – Drama (Outstanding), English, Geography;
Gemma Lewis (Year 12) – Chemistry, Statistics;
Callum Lockhart (Year 13) – Physics, Statistics, Geography, Technology;
Annika MacDonald (Year 12) – Chemistry, Physics, Statistics;
Moana MacDonald (Year 13) – Design;
Benjamin McKeown (Year 13) – Technology;
Lachlan Odlin (Year 12) – Chemistry, History, Health and Physical Education;
Thomas Rae (Year 13) – Photography (Outstanding);
Daniel Robertson (Year 12) – Physics;
William Russell (Year 12) – Geography;
Anja Sander (Year 13) – Biology;
Corin Simcock (Year 13) – Chemistry (Outstanding), Calculus (Outstanding), Technology (Outstanding), Biology, Physics, Statistics, Geography;
Megan Simpson (Year 11) – Health and Physical Education;
Ashton Threadwell (Year 13) – Technology;
Henry Twiss (Year 13) – English, Media Studies;
Harry Withers (Year 13) – Drama (Outstanding), English, Health and Physical Education;
Cindy Xiong (Year 13) – English (Outstanding), History;
Luke Zhu (Year 13) – Biology (Outstanding), English, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture and Horticulture, Statistics, Calculus, Geography.

Board Scholarship Awards

The following group of student leavers from 2022 were presented with Board of Governors Scholarships after gaining NCEA Level 3 Excellence endorsements.

Ethan Adams, Skye Atkins, Finn Bradshaw-Waugh, Charlotte Brown, Rebecca Brown, Matthew Butler, Matthew Cartwright, Georgia Chadderton, Chang (Jerry) Chang, Melissa Christie, Blake Cullen, Angelique Doig, Jonty Foote, Benjamin Forgie, Eloise Fraser, Rico Gamble, Selena Gan, Gavin Gao, Bella Gibbons, Terry He, Pippa Henderson, Stevi Hokianga, Rachel Holyoake, Harrison Hooker, Jacob Horrey, Eva Hyde, Thomas Kamo, Charles Keith, Sarah Kennelly, Samuel Kinney, Jakarta Klebert, Harry Lieshout, Callum Lockhart, Moana MacDonald, Brooke Manion, Bianca Marshall, Tegan Mathewson, Jasmine McAllister, Mei-Lin McClelland, Neisha McKenzie, Benjamin McKeown, Sophie McNee, Elliot Menzies, Seth Moore, Mya Moore, Hugh Nixon, Harry O’Brien, Lucy Ojala, William Reynolds, Grace Richan, Anika Robinson, Charlotte Roche, Patrick Ryan, Anja Sander, Alys Scott, Eloise Sluis, Riley Smith, Jack Stokes, Lynonahdolphin Tausa, Isabella Tuaine, Charli Watts, Estee Wilke, Harry Withers, Cindy Xiong, Zhan Ying, Wenjin (Katie) Zhang.

Students perform exceptionally well in NZQA Scholarships and Corin achieves at the highest level in New Zealand.