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Meet the new People and Business Manager

Regulus Address // Issue 1 // May 2022

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It was a meaningful first visit to the Centennial Chapel for St Andrew’s new People and Business Manager, Justine Scott, who has replaced General Manager, David Evans, following his retirement.

Justine’s grandfather, Ian Armit Scott (OC 1928), was one of the earliest pupils at St Andrew’s College, and lost his life during World War II. “The Centennial Chapel is beautiful and it was very special to see my grandfather’s name honoured on the Memorial Wall, alongside the other fallen Old Collegians.”

Justine’s first impressions of St Andrew’s have been highly positive, although joining a new organisation when everyone is wearing face masks has made getting to know people a bit more of a challenge. “Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and I’m figuring out who is behind the masks. St Andrew’s has a collegial, team environment and a stunning campus. The staff here enjoy it, and it shows.”

Improving and strengthening HR systems, processes, and frameworks, and centralising some of these, is a key focus for Justine in 2022. “I’m excited to be in the role and look forward to making some positive changes in these support areas.”

Justine has extensive experience in this field. Her previous role was Manager HR Shared Services with the Christchurch City Council, where she worked for 12 years. In addition to local government, she has held HR roles in the hotel, hospitality, tourism, events, and snow sports sectors. Justine also has a Master of Science Degree in Applied Industrial – Organisational Psychology “I’ve never worked in the education sector before, so am enjoying the opportunity to stretch myself and grow professionally. I have already developed a greater appreciation for teachers, how much responsibility they have, and the breadth of what they do.”

At St Andrew’s, Justine also has the overall responsibility for health and safety, catering, facilities, Thistles – the College uniform shop, reception area, Health Centre, Cafeteria, facility hire, and finance to some degree. With the slight reshuffling of roles in this important area of College management, Financial Controller, Richard Boon, and Facilities Manager, Mark McGregor, have taken on more delegations, and former General Manager, David Evans, is still on campus two-and-a-half days a week as Project Director for the Gough Family Theatre development.

Justine has strong family connections to St Andrew’s, with both her grandfathers, her father, John Scott (OC 1963), and her brothers all attending. Her brother, Cameron Scott (OC 1990), is currently working as a volunteer counsellor at St Andrew’s once a week. “Lots of my family are Old Collegians, and I went to school down the road at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, so I do understand the independent school environment.”

Outside of work, Justine and her family are keen skiers and sailors. She enjoys practising yoga, walking her dogs, and spending time with her family, which includes many hours spent on the football sidelines, supporting her two boys, aged 13 and 15.

“I’m very happy to be at St Andrew’s. The College has such a great reputation in Christchurch, and I’m enjoying being here and seeing it first-hand.”

Our new People and Business Manager, Justine Scott, introduces herself to our community in the first edition of Regulus for 2022.