Charlotte Brown

6 May 2021

Old Collegian Charlotte Brown

Studying Geography at St Andrew’s College has led to an exciting study and career path for Charlotte Brown, who currently works in financial services in Responsible Investment as an ESG (environmental, social and governance) Analyst in Australia.

After leaving the College, Charlotte gained a Bachelor of Environments in Environmental Geographies at the University of Melbourne, Ormond College, and University College London. She then did her Masters in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. After her studies, she worked in Responsible Investment for Kiwi Invest in New Zealand, then for the United Nations Environment Programme in New York in Intergovernmental Affairs, before her current role.

Charlotte says two teachers had a significant impact on her time at St Andrew’s – Ian Morrison who was the ‘mastermind’ behind her switch from History to Geography in Year 12, and Kerry Larby, who was instrumental in her love for Geography. She says her studies at St Andrew ’s prepared her well for her future career. “The structure of the courses were some of the most applicable to what university is actually like. And all of the issues covered continue to be relevant in my everyday work.”

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