Christina Shepherd

19 November 2020

Old Collegian Christina Shepherd

Christina Shepherd (OC 2017) may have been outnumbered as the only girl studying Digital Technology for two of the three years she took the subject at St Andrew’s College, however, that didn’t stop her from winning the Digital Technology Prize in Years 11, 12 and 13. She says she ‘really enjoyed’ the subject, and believes more girls should consider it. “I fell in love with coding. It’s kind of like a puzzle and it’s such a satisfying feeling when your code works. I think girls should look at Digital Technology and programming the same way they look at a subject like Mathematics. It is a really interesting subject, especially if you are into the whole logic thing.” Christina is completing her third year of a Computer Science degree at the University of Canterbury, where she has developed an interest in AI and human computer interaction. Last summer she completed an internship at Seequent. “I enjoyed being able to write code which had meaning and was useful.” She is still figuring out next steps as far as further study and a career path is concerned. “I’ve been applying for summer internships again and will start to apply for some jobs as they come up.”

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