Kelly Ting

7 December 2021

Old Collegian Kelly Ting

Kelly has always wanted to work in either architecture or interior design, so studying Design and Visual Communication (DVC) at St Andrew’s College was the perfect fit. “I love how innovative, explorative, and flexible the subject can be. Design is really this universal language that connects all kinds of people.”

The strong foundational knowledge Kelly learnt in DVC in things like concept sketching, using the 3D CAD program, and model making, have prepared her well for her first year studying a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of Auckland, she says. “I’m so grateful for all the opportunities at St Andrew’s, including shadowing architectural firms to gain an insight into the professional world, and having the opportunity to present my design project at the College Board meeting, which was an unforgettable experience. Mr Kerrison was such a great supporter in assisting me to gain my New Zealand Scholarship in the subject.”

Kelly hopes to complete her postgraduate studies over seas in the future. “I also aspire to become an architectural entrepreneur, hoping to collaborate with like-minded professionals to create culturally unique innovative architecture strategies to foster positive communities, particularly in less developed countries, where immediate infrastructures are needed.”

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