Maddie May

14 August 2023

Old Collegian Maddie May

As a young golfer at the top of her game, Maddie is currently studying and playing golf on a full scholarship at the University of Mississippi. After two years there, she will transfer to Indiana University, and continue to play golf for the three years she is eligible. 

Maddie joined the Athlete Sports Performance programme in Year 11 and says it helped her to develop abilities that have prepared her for life. She was impressed by the concern and willingness of those running the programme to go above and beyond for the athletes, while helping them to juggle the demands of the student/athlete lifestyle. Maddie appreciated having people watching out for her and ensuring she was keeping on top of all facets of her life. She says Riley Gain gave her invaluable help with athlete sports performance, effective communication, and time management, along with the freedom to use her time however she saw fit. As a result, she developed independence and discipline in her practise and studies. Maddie says she is incredibly grateful to St Andrew’s for providing her with the tools she needs to be successful in the United States.

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