Mikae Tuu'u

23 August 2021

Old Collegian Mikae Tuu'u

As a keen sportsman, Head of Middle School and Old Collegian, Mikae Tuu’u, really enjoyed the physical aspects of his Physical Education studies at St Andrew’s. However, since working with a number of Scholarship PE students at the College, he says it is the critical thinking elements of the subject which stand out to him now. “It’s fascinating to get students thinking about how physical activity impacts on self, others, and society.”

Mikae originally planned to join the Police Force after school, but when he was told to do something else first, decided to study Physical Education. “Teaching Physical Education and getting people active looked like a job I would enjoy. I also thought the Physical Education teachers at St Andrew’s were pretty cool.”

After leaving St Andrew’s, Mikae gained a Bachelor of Education majoring in Physical Education and History then juggled a teaching career with rugby for some time. He attended four Junior Rugby World Cups, was a member of the New Zealand U19 and U21 teams, played for Canterbury and Northland, and was a member of the Auckland Blues squad. He joined St Andrew’s College in 2015 to run the Elite Sports Studies programme and became Head of Middle School in 2018. Mikae says he continues to utilise many aspects of Physical Education in his leadership role, including interpersonal skills, the Hauora model, and understanding how to look after his own well-being.

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