Neil MacLeod

27 February 2023

Old Collegian Neil MacLeod

Wellington-based performer, producer, and songwriter, Neil MacLeod , says he has always felt a strong connection to music, so it was a no-brainer that it be part of his education at St Andrew’s College. “I have very fond memories of the self-directed time we were allowed to spend in the studio. I learnt so much during those hours. Head of Music, Duncan Ferguson’s effort to develop a Music programme that allowed kids like me, not classically trained, to thrive in the Music Department was amazing. I’m so grateful to have had him as a teacher. He played a vital role in my early development and was a key support person during my teenage years,” says Neil.

Neil is a rising star in the electronic /alternative pop realm. When he first moved to Wellington he started collaborating with ‘amazing people’ whose mentorship helped him take the first steps towards a career in music. Neil has just released his new EP, We have Known Lost Days, via Particle Recordings, and has signed a publishing deal with Big Pop Music Publishing. “The rest of my time is spent helping other artists realise their vision through co-writing, production, and mixing work,” he says.

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