Patrick Hall

6 May 2021

Old Collegian Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall has always had a passion for politics, and an interest in travel and global cultures, which made Geography an ideal subject during his years at St Andrew’s College. “Geography is at the intersection of all of these, so naturally I was interested in it as a subject.” 

He most enjoyed the real-world application of Geography – learning about contemporary societal issues as part of human geography, then being able to witness them in real life. “Our class field trip to Queenstown was a memorable example of this.”

After leaving St Andrew's College, Patrick completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science, Economics, and Geography at the University of Canterbury, as well as a Masters focusing on European Union policy.

He has undertaken two internships – one at Air New Zealand, and the other at a UK economic think tank. He is now working for a London-based think tank, contributing to the climate change policy debate in the UK. “My role sees me creating and vetting government policy. I regularly produce policy reports, make appearances in UK print and broadcast media, and engage senior political figures on salient environmental issues.”

Patrick would like to deepen his policy knowledge across different areas and sees himself involved in government affairs or party politics in the future.

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