William Muir

23 October 2019

Old Collegian William Muir

William Muir’s fascination for history and its many backstories has been evident since his time at St Andrew’s College, where he gained Scholarship in History, and extensively researched New Zealand politics, with a focus on the period between the 1980s and today. “Mr Faulls was fantastic as he didn’t limit what we could learn, and really encouraged us to do our own research. I enjoyed his classes very much and learnt a lot about how to research and use different resources, which has been valuable for my tertiary studies.”

William’s passion for history is still apparent, and caught the attention of a lecturer at the University of Auckland, where he studies a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (Music History) degree. “I told my Commercial Law lecturer I wanted to know the history behind the law and how it came about – not just about the law itself. I got quite into legal history for a while which tied in nicely with my fascination for politics.”

William was one of New Zealand’s top young cellists before an injury ended his career, although he says that studying Music History allows him to continue exploring his love for music. In addition to studying, William works for Parliamentary Services with MP Melissa Lee, and runs a small business buying and selling military based antiques. After graduating from university, he plans to enter the finance industry, in either New Zealand or the United Stated of America. 

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