Past Heads of College Function

19 February 2018

Three Old Collegians at the Past Heads of College Function

Attendees at the Past Heads of College function

Sixty Head and Deputy Head Prefects came together for the first ever function of this kind; a celebration of 100 Years of Leadership at St Andrew’s College. They came from all over New Zealand and even Australia for the gathering. The oldest attendees were Jeff Steel, Peter Voss and Ernie Poole (Head Prefects 1947, 1949 and 1950). There was a father and son combination represented with Neil Thomson (1959) and David Thomson (1980). There were also two brothers, Will Robertson (2010) and Sam Robertson (2015). We had great representation of the girl Head Prefects from 2005 and beyond as well. It was fantastic that 60 Old Collegians wanted to return for this occasion! 

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