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Thanking our Donors

Your Legacy, Our Future

Our vision for the Your Legacy, Our Future fundraising campaign, is to continue to develop facilities at St Andrew’s College which support and inspire innovative and creative teaching practice, to best prepare our students for a new and ever changing world.

St Andrew’s College would like to thank all parents, Old Collegians, staff and Friends of the College who have donated to the Your Legacy, Our Future campaign. Your generosity is enabling this vision.

St Andrew's College Foundation

St Andrew's College and the St Andrew's College Foundation are strengthened through financial contributions and bequests, which help to maintain the high standard of independent education at St Andrew's College. Through income earned on the St Andrew's College Foundation invested endowment, funds are directed to areas of need at the Board of Governors’ request.

The following lists include our new donors and all members who have given, or who have been welcomed as a new member of the Strowan Club, Highland Member, Thompson Founders’ Circle or St Andrew’s College Fellow.

2022 Donors

Brett and Sarah Gamble
Mori Family
Coroner Tim Scott
St Andrew's College Cricket - 2021 Gillette Cup Regional Winners
Graeme Wall and Shelley Singer

2021 Donors

31 Anonymous
Murray Allison
Joan and Peter Alty
Robert and Marion Anderson
Ballard Family
Ballin Family
Peter Barnett
Bespoke Clothing
Bierwirth Family
Bloom Family
Julie and Mark Bond
Twiss Boock Family
Abby Boyer
P E Broadway
Rebecca Brown
Lisa and Mike Brown 
Craig and Lynn Buist
The Burnett Family
Kit and Wendy Chambers
Xu Chen and Lu Lei
Alvin Chen
Young and Chen Family
Chen Family
Richard and Anne Clark
Clarke Family  
Cody Family
Jonathan Cordner
Gideon and Amie-Jane Couper
Nicky Coventry and Craig Burrowes
Peter and Julianne Darling
Don and Liz Davison
Austin Donaldson
Freya Donaldson
Lewis and Sharon Evans
Fan Family 
Bella Fantham
Brent and Elizabeth Fleming
Catherine and Jonathan Forsey 
Euan Galloway
Dr A Gamble and Ms J Loming
Gibson Family
John and Jenny Gillies
Glithero Family 
Sophie Goode
Gower Family
Greg and Rachael Graham
Andrew and Wendy Griffiths
Josh and Xavier Guillemot-Rodgerson
Tapenisa Havea
Hilson Family
Hirschfeld Family
Howell Family
Huang Family
Lei Huang
J Hudson
Mr J K Hyslop
Joshua Inglis
Janett Family
David Jarman
Kylie and Daniel Kamo
Kenny Family
Miu Kim
Michael, Linda and Mitchell Kohing
Andrew Kyle and Keryn Schroeder
Theo and Sofia Lagias
Tony Lee and Family
Quentin Lovatt
Andrew N Lowden
Richard Luisetti
Steven and Jacqui McDonald
Jennifer Galloway McDougall
McIntyre Family
McLaren Family
Mellish-Temple Family 
Michaelides Family
Rev. Paul and Jo Morrow 
Mark and Barb Mulholland
Stu Munro
Andy and Karen Munro  
Miranda and Craig Newbury
Nisbet Family
Nixon Reynolds Family
Noordanus Family
Odlin Family
Ornsby Family
PAK n SAVE Rangiora
Prince Family
The Pugh Family
Rae Family 
Simon and Beck Riordan 
Juliet and Ben Robertson
Jonathan Scragg
Sharpe Solutions
Amanda and Andrew Sharpe  
Shoe Clinic 
John Sinclair and Family
St Andrew's College Ladies' Circle
St Andrew's College Old Collegians' Association 
Todd and Danielle Stewart
Stephen Taylor
Jacob Thompson 
Timbs Family
Cherry Tsai  
Murray and Margaret Turley
F R and R A Twiss in memory of B L and W D Twiss 
Vaudrey Family
Jillian Waghorn
Tony and Joyce Wallace and Family
Grace J S Lee and Ricky Wang
Jacob Wang and Chloe Wang
Graham and Val Wells
J and V Wells
John and Alison Westgarth
Wilkie + Bruce Architects
Wilson Family 
Alan and Adrienne Winnicott
The Wissel Family  
Andrew and Schira Withers  
Wright-Taylor Family  
Donald and Jan Wyllie 

2020 Donors

29 x Anonymous
Alty Family
D and K Anderson
Bain Family
Errol Ballin
Baxendale Family
Bensley Family
Bissell Lagias Family
Mr Alistair A Black
Blackmore Family
Blake Family
Boock Family
Booth/Caulfield Family
Abby Boyer
Brandon Family
The Brook Family
Browne Family Trust
Buist Family
Burnett Valley Trust
Burtscher Family
Cammock-Elliott Family
Carr Family
Kit and Wendy Chambers
Clayton Family
Cloughley Nortje Family
Comyn Family
Corkery Family
The Coventry Family
Crozier Family
Day Family
Cody, Luke and Shey Doerner- Corson
Everest Family
Fan Family
Flanagan Family
Fleming Family
F B Fletcher
Warren Fletcher
Foot Family
Forsey Family
Mr R H French
The Ben Gough Family Foundation
Mr Andrew J Grant and Prof Hui Meng Chang and Family
Gray Family
William Gray Estate
Richard Halliday
Harris Family
Harrison Family
Andrew and Andrea Harvey
Harvie Family
Hassall Family
Heasley Family
Kelly Hinkley and Murray James
Hix Family
Mr J K Hyslop
David and Christine Janett
David Jarman
Donna Jones
Johns Family
Kenton-Smith Family
Kepes Family
Kinney Family
Christine and Gavin Leighton
Logie Family
Longley Family
Mr Andrew N Lowden
Igor Macedo De Lucena
Ma Family
March Family
Steven and Jacqui McDonald
McIntyre Family
McLaren Family
McLean-Kuijer Family
The McPherson Family
Meeks Family
Morris/Greig Family
Morrow Family
Mr and Mrs Nesbit
Newbury Family
Rick and Janet Nicholls
Nixon Reynolds Family
Noordanus Family
Mr Michael G Norris and Ms Patricia R M Dart
Odlin Family
M and S Oxley
Palmer Rowe Family
Louise and Ray Patchett
Michael and Michelle Patterson and Family
Mr E G Perry
Pitts Family
Pye Family
Mr A K and Mrs M Rhodes
Roberts Family
Gina (Gough) Satterthwaite: Fife Foundation
Schelp Family
Coroner Tim Scott  and Ms Kathriona Benvie
D Barry Shaw
Short Family
John Sinclair and Family
The Family of Isabella Smith
Smith Family
The Smith Family
Geoff and Rochelle Spark
Robert and Margaret Spark and Family
George Spencer
St Andrew's College Cricket - 2019 Gillette Cup Winners
St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association
St Andrew's College Ladies' Circle
St Andrew's College Rugby - 2020 UC Championship Winners
St Andrew's College Rugby
Stephen Taylor
Taylor Family
Thomson Family
John Threlkeld
Tutty Family
E and J Ullrich Family
Ullrich Family
Van der Bent Family
Evert van Florenstein
Walker Family
Tony and Joyce Wallace and Family 
Ting Wang
Mr Graham C and Mrs Val Wells
John and Alison Westgarth
Alan and Adrienne Winnicott
Woodgate Family
Min Chuan Wu
Yoon Family
Zwaan Verheul Family


2019 Donors

Anonymous x14
Janet Anderson
Nic & Kerry Baddeley
Dr W & Mrs S Bailey
Mr Alistair A Black
Kevin Black
David Blackwell
Mr WS & Mrs KE Blade
Mr JT & Mrs RM Blake
Noeline & Ronald Boet
Mr F H W & Mrs M J Burrows
P J & A J Calder
Chandra Family
Dan & Belinda Charteris
Mr Gideon & Mrs Amie-Jane Couper
Mr R Crispin
Mr SM Crosbie
Mr G W Currie
J R M Davidson
Ian Dewar
Cody, Luke & Shey Doerner-Corson
Mr & Mrs Stewart Elms
F B Fletcher
Fowler Homes Ashburton
Mr R H French
Mrs P Gallagher
Euan Galloway
Mr G W F Gardiner & Dr CZ Bourke
Joshua and Xavier Guillemot-Rodgerson
Mr Joel S Hewson
Mr R S & Mrs R A Hewson
The Holyoake Family
Ming Hong & Ying Wu
Mr J K Hyslop
Seanne James & Ben James
Kenton-Smith Family
Howard & Wendy Klein
Mr J Li & Mrs W Shi
Mr Li & Mrs Zhang
Hongwei Liu
Andrew Lowden
Mr Hamish C MacMaster
Richard Maxwell
G H & J I McFadden
Louis McFadden
Mrs Wendy McPherson
Mr H & Mrs L Molloy
Dr A M & Dr T Moore
Texas & Lynda Mundy
Alex J Murray Family
Mrs Miranda S A & Mr Craig R Newbury
Ed & Nicky Newman
Rudolf & Christiane Nordt
Mr D A Nottage
Mao Ono
Louise & Ray Patchett
Mr G & Mrs D Percasky
Mr E G Perry
Mr T H Pratt
Terry & Lei Prince
Mr Warwick J Rathgen
Clive & Vivecca Robinson
Zak Robinson
Mr A & Mrs J Rodgers
Anke & Bernd Rose
St Andrew's College Old Collegians' Association
St Andrew's College PTA
Coroner Tim Scott and Ms Kathriona Benvie
D. Barry Shaw
Prof I & Mrs M E Simmers
The Smith Family
Mr R M & Ms J Soulsby
Kerrie, Hank and Simon Sproull
Shane Summerfield
Michelle Tait & Mark Revis
Mrs Elizabeth Temple
Mr P L P Thompson
Sydney Thompson
John Threlkeld
C L & S A Tod
Mr B W Tothill
Crispin Vinnell & Hannah MacKintosh
Mrs J A Waghorn
Mr E P & Mrs R L Walker
Ting Wang
Mr Xiao Feng Wang & Mrs Jeong Seon Lee
Graham & Val Wells
John and Alison Westgarth
Wilkie + Bruce Architects
Mr A G & Mrs A Winnicott
Andrew & Schira Withers
Dr & Mrs Xiong
David Yu & Jian Sun

Strowan Club

Anonymous x8
Mr Derrick Abbott
Mr Colin W Anderson* and Family
Mrs Alison Ballantyne
Tim Barnett
Mr Bruce and Mrs Jane Bascand
Jo Bigford-Fleming and Wayne Fleming
Bosch Robert NZ Ltd
Mr Mark and Dr Robin Bowman
Millie Bremner
Mr A Paul and Mrs Joan* Brown
Mr Chris D Burke
Mr Simon D Burke
Bede and Melanie Cammock-Elliott
Mr Gideon and Mrs Amie-Jane Couper
John Crothall/In memory of E.Alan Crothall
Peter and Julianne Darling
Mr Don and Mrs Liz Davison
Mr Grant E and Mrs Jennifer Dickey
Graham and Leila Dowling
Mr Peter R and Mrs Rana E Eggleton
Mr and Mrs Stewart Elms
Ms Deb A Fahey
Mr David J Jarman and Ms Moira Farrell
Dr D W* and Mrs N* Featherston
Brent and Elizabeth Fleming
Mr Stuart J V and Mrs Sue Fox
Dr Ivor S Francis*
Keith* and Jennifer Gillanders
Mr AJ Grant and Prof MH Chang and Family
Dr H Scott Gray*
Andrew and Wendy Griffiths
Mrs J Grumitt*
Mr D Nigel Gualter and Ms Kristy O'Connor
Mr Rick Hallifax
John* and Jan Hampton and Family
David and Michelle Harrison
J L Hay Charitable Trust
Mr Euan and Dawne* Hilson
Mr Stewart M Johns
Peter Johnston* and Family
Professor Ron Jones
Mr Peter D Kennedy
Mr Bill Kensington*
Jim* and Jen Livingstone
Richard Luisetti
Mace Engineering Ltd
Barry and Cheryl* Maister
Mr Chris J and Mrs Jilly J Marshall
Mr Phil and Mrs Linda Mauger
Grant and Jenny McFadden
Amelia McGoldrick Trust
Mr Kelvin R and Mrs Sally A McMillan
W M and H M Milliken
Mr Garry M Moore
Mr Gregory J Moore
Rev. Paul and Jo Morrow
Mark and Barb Mulholland
Texas and Lynda Mundy
Andrew and Karen Munro
Miranda and Craig Newbury
Mr Michael G Norris and Ms Patricia R M Dart
Mr Michael H (1972) and Mrs Linda J Nutt
Robin and Shirleen Oakley
Michael and Michelle Patterson and Family
Mrs Almut and Mr Richard Perrett
The Perry Family
Mr Cameron C Pickering
George and Lynda Pickering
Mr Grahame* and Mrs Glen Price
The Pugh Family
Murray Rose and Richard Rose
Mrs Shirley J Rudkin
Mr D W G and Mrs P J Scott
Mr Paul W Scott
Mr George and Mrs Kay Scrimshaw
Mr Allan D* and Mrs Cynthia* Shand
Jun Wha Shin
Dr Harsh P Singh and Mrs Anu Pratap
Mr Donald A Sloss
Robert* and Jill Sloss
Mr Murray G and Linda V Smith
David A Solomon
Mr Robert C* and Mrs Margaret Spark
Mr R L B Spear
Graeme and Ally Stevenson
Mr Evan Stewart
Mr W John Strowger
Dr Jurgen and Mrs Petra M* Suppan
Mr J M and Mrs G Syme
Bill and Dian Taylor
Neil D Thomson
Mr William M and Mrs Pam* Turner
Mr John W and Mrs Josephine Ullrich
Mr Peter F and Mrs Carlyn Ullrich

Highland Member

Anonymous x4
Mr David A Anderson
Robert and Marion Anderson
Stuart and Debbie Anderson
David and Catherine Boyer
Burnett Valley Trust
The Burns Family
Canterbury Foundation
Mr Simon and Mrs Tracey Challies
Mr M G Cockram
Beverley and Jim* Forrester
Mr Rob Gendall*
David and Christine Janett
Brent and Vicky Jones
Christine and Gavin Leighton
Mr Andrew and Mrs Joanne D Macgregor Emeritus Prof. Athol W* and Mrs Ngaire J Mann
LB Miller Charitable Trust
Mrs Beveley Murray
Mr Ed and Mrs Nicky Newman
Mr Dougal and Mrs Diane Norrie
Bryan and Susie Pearson
Mr Richard* and Mrs Anne Peate
Mr Malcolm H J Petrie
Mr Murray D Rose
Sir Gil and Joy Simpson
St Andrew's College Board of Governors
St Andrew's College Ladies Circle
St Andrew's College Rugby
Mr Roland Stead
Mr Peter A and Mrs Pip L Trumic
Tony and Joyce Wallace and Family
Mr Graham C and Mrs Val Wells
Wilkie + Bruce Architects
Mr Peter* and Mrs Judy* Wilkinson

Thompson Founders' Circle

Anonymous x1
Rob R Bruce-Barron
S J Collins Family Trust
Bridget and David Cushing
Mr Bruce J and Mrs Ailsa Fraser
The Ben Gough Family Foundation
Chris and Sarah Green and Family
Earl* and Lani Hagaman
Steven and Jacqui McDonald
M and S Oxley
Mr Graham B and Mrs Lorna Robertson
Gina (Gough) Satterthwaite: Fife Foundation 
The Scanlon Family
Mr Michael and Mrs Kate Sidey
John Sinclair and Family
St Andrew's College Old Collegians' Association
St Andrew's College PTA
Mr Murray A and Mrs Margaret H Turley

St Andrew’s College Fellow

Anonymous x1
Mr George F and Mrs Merrilyn E* Hight
Mr Warwick J Rathgen
Prof. Michael Spiro
Mr Mark J Stewart and Ms Ainsley Walter