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Secondary School Leadership Roles

As students move through the Secondary School, opportunities and responsibilities broaden considerably.

All student leaders in the Senior College are provided with regular formal feedback to enable them to refine their performance throughout the year. In addition, their leadership service is noted on their student record as permanent testimony to their effort and achievements.

Senior students will generally be offered a maximum of two leadership positions in any one year, to prevent over-commitment.

All Year 12 students complete an eight-week course on leadership.


Two Academic Captains (boy and girl) are appointed after applying. Opportunities also exist for students to act as Peer Tutors and to participate in the LEAP Reading programme with Preparatory School students.

Boarding House Leaders

A number of leadership positions exist within the boarding house. The Heads of Boarding (boy and girl) are appointed, while boarding house leaders are positions applied for and who work in collaboration with day house leaders.

Community Service

Two Heads of Community Service (boy and girl) are appointed after applying. They head a team of Community Service leaders.


There are a wide variety of leadership opportunities within cultural groups including Heads of Media, Music, Dance, Art, Drama, Head of Theatre Sports and Senior Librarian. Two Cultural Captains (boy and girl) are also appointed.

Day House Leaders

Day House Leaders apply and one head and one deputy will be appointed for each House. Their role is to co-ordinate House activities and work in collaboration with Boarding House Leaders.


Two Exchange Leaders (boy and girl) are appointed, after applying, to co-ordinate and publicise the Exchange programme and assist in the selection of students to go on exchange.

Peer Support

Years 12 and 13 students operate a Peer Support programme for Year 9 students. Appointment is by application.

Pipe Band

There are a number of leadership (officer) appointments in the Pipe Band, including Pipe Major, Pipe and Drum Sergeants, Pipe and Drum Corporals.


College prefects have a range of responsibilities including positive role modelling, applying College standards, representing the College at special events, completing set duties and showing initiative. They are expected to display appropriate behaviour at all times, have a good rapport with adults and fellow students and be strong supporters of the special character of the College. Prefects undertake an extensive leadership programme, including an overnight experience at Castle Hill, and training sessions during the year.

Senior College Council

A maximum of 14 members are appointed. Council members have an interest in the operation of the Senior College, act as advocates and organise activities for senior students, play a role in the care of the Senior College and its facilities and organise the Senior College Formal. Appointment is by application.


Two Sports Captains (boy and girl) will be appointed (after applying) to be involved in the promotion of sport at the College and its organisation. A Sports Council (maximum six students) will be appointed on application.