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Preparatory School Uniform

Years 1–8

This photo showcases some of more commonly worn uniform combinations.

We hope that all St Andrew’s College students are proud to be identified with their school and will wear their uniform correctly at all times. The College uniform is worn at school and when travelling to and from the College.

Students are required to:

  • wear their uniform with pride;
  • wear a blazer in the street and wear their shirt/blouse tucked in with the top button and their tie done up;
  • students are expected to wear clean and polished black leather regulation shoes;
  • wear shorts/trousers/skirts/culottes which fit appropriately and are not too long or too short;
  • change back into full uniform after having Physical Education during the day – the only exception being Physical Education classes held in Period 6, then students may depart in full College tracksuit; 
  • wear approved dress at Physical Education and sports practices;
  • only wear College hoodies and sweatshirts under tracksuit jackets and when outside (Terms 2 and 3 only).

The wearing of patterned or coloured T-shirts or polypropylene under school shirts is not permitted, nor is the wearing of coloured socks.

When travelling with College teams or groups, mufti may sometimes be approved, but only in special cases such as field trips or Outdoor Education camps.

A final decision on what constitutes good grooming will be made by the Deputy Principal in consultation with the Principal of Preparatory School.

Girls' Uniform – Years 1–8

  • Collared blazer;
  • Collared blazer;
  • White shirt: short or long-sleeved;
  • Tie – with baby blue stripe;
  • Pinafore – (compulsory for Years 1–6, optional for Years 7–8);
  • Middle School checked skirt – (optional for Years 7–8);
  • Black shorts – (optional for Years 1–8 in summer);
  • Black tights in winter, black socks in summer;
  • Black shoes;
  • Cardigan – (optional year round);
  • Jersey or vest – (optional year round);
  • Scarf and beret – (optional in winter);
  • The collared blazer can be worn into the Secondary School, until a replacement needs to be purchased.

Boys' Uniform – Years 1–8

  • Collared blazer;
  • White shirt: short or long-sleeved;
  • Tie – with baby blue stripe;
  • Black long trousers or shorts in winter, black shorts in summer;
  • Black socks – knee-high, with white and blue bands;
  • Black shoes;
  • Jersey or vest – (optional year round);
  • Scarf – (optional in winter).

Boys' and Girls' PE Uniform Years 4–8

  • College tracksuit;
  • Navy blue St Andrew’s polo shirt;
  • Non-marking court shoes;
  • White socks;
  • Navy shorts.

Guidelines for Good Grooming

Hair must not be longer than the length of the collar at the back, and must fall above the eyebrow line. It should be cut in a conservative style and not shorter than a number three comb. 

Long hair must be tied back. Hair jewellery is not acceptable. Ribbons and ties must be blue or white. Scrunchies must be black, navy blue or white.

Boys and Girls
Hair must be clean and well-groomed, in the range of natural hair colour only and kept clear off the face and above their eyebrows. Unusual hairstyles, including streaking of hair, dreadlocks and braided hair, are not permitted.

Only young women are able to wear one pair of small studs in the lobe of the ears. No sleepers, hoops or studs with jewels in them. No other jewellery is permitted.

Make-up and Nails Guidelines
Make-up and nail varnish is not part of the College uniform and it is not to be worn at any time with school uniform or sports uniform. All forms of make-up and nail varnish are unacceptable, including foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher, lipstick, lip gloss, false nails and nail art.

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