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Second-hand Uniform Shop

Toa Kanorite Oruoru

The Second-hand Uniform Shop is located beside the Uniform and College Shop, next to the Normans Road carpark.

The shop is open regularly on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3.00pm – 4.30pm, during term time only. Additional opening times also occur at the end of the school year and in January before the new year starts.

The Second-hand Uniform Shop is a service provided by the PTA for parents, students, and caregivers to sell items of uniform they have outgrown or no longer require.

The PTA retains 35% of the sale price received for the items sold on behalf of school families; alternatively, uniforms can be donated and are gratefully received. Proceeds are given to the school towards specific projects. 

Sell your uniform with us

If you wish the PTA to sell your uniform on your behalf, please complete the online form below, then drop off the uniforms (with your name or copy of email confirmation) at the Second-hand Uniform Shop during opening hours. Outside of these days/hours, you can drop off items at Thistles, the College Uniform Shop.

Register items you wish to sell here: Hand Me Round – Registration of items for sale

Donated items are not required to be registered, but please label as donated when dropping off uniforms. All items must be laundered/dry cleaned.

Please also note, as of January 2024, we do not accept the following: 

  • socks/stockings;
  • ballet shoes (pointe or demi pointe);
  • ballet undertards;
  • shoes;
  • non-current uniform (anything you hand in for sale or donation must be items of current uniform).

Items not accepted are subject to change. Other T&Cs apply, and are included in the registration form.

Please note: The Hand Me Round platform is for selling items only. You do not need to register to purchase items of uniform. To buy items please come to the Second-hand Uniform Shop next to the Normans Road carpark.

Payment options

Neither of the College shops (Thistles and second-hand) accept cash payments. Our decision to transition to a cashless system has been led by a natural decline in cash payments, as well as to streamline operational administration tasks, and making transactions more efficient – thereby reducing waiting times for customers.

The Second-hand Uniform Shop accepts credit and debit cards (except Amex), and students are also able to pay by direct deposit to the College's bank account. The preferred payment is by card, due to ease of reconciliation for the PTA volunteers who manage the shop.