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Athlete Sports Performance Programme

Our very best athletes in Years 11–13 are invited into our Athlete Sports Performance Programme, which targets aspects of fitness, well-being and lifestyle that are key to excelling in sport beyond the school years.

To create an innovative and sustainable high performance sport environment that develops the student holistically.

Student focused. Development driven.

This programme supports talented and gifted athletes who join the St Andrew’s College community and are Canterbury, South Island or New Zealand representatives.

Students will have access to the latest resources within the sports performance industry through three extra classes each term. They are also paired with mentors to help monitor progress and guide them towards excellence.

The course is structured to support, encourage and nurture athletes so they have the best chance to maximise their collective opportunities in sport, academics and personal development. Students must learn to understand the process and develop the skills to plan, prepare and balance the demanding commitments of school and life in general.

Staff will work with students to help them understand:

  • what will it take to be an elite athlete in my chosen sport?
  • who do I need to become?
  • where am I now?
  • how do I get there?

Being successful is not just about extra training, but more about understanding the process behind it. Students will be taught to realise what it takes to be successful in their chosen sport.


All students on sports scholarships will automatically be included in the programme. Other talented students who are identified as suitable for the High Performance Programme will be invited to join.


  1. Individual programmes
    Sport/academic/personal balance and planning for success at St Andrew’s.

  2. Sports-specific programmes
    Coach led/sport-responsible while at St Andrew’s.

  3. High performance education programme
    Workshops/presentations, group work, sport-specific aspects (performance planning, goal setting, nutrition, recovery, conditioning, mental skills).


The students will:

  • grow an understanding of the qualities required for success as an elite performer, and develop the skills to enable them to achieve their goals;
  • develop the ability to lead their programmes and plan and prepare for success in all areas (sport, academic and personal life);
  • build networks and utilise resources to support chosen pathways.