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Multisport at St Andrew’s encompasses a range of endurance-based codes; triathlon, duathlon, adventure racing, orienteering and ultra-marathons. These codes require a rapid switch from one athletic discipline to another in a continuous series. The main disciplines included in the various multisport competitions throughout the school year are running, cycling, swimming, kayaking and rogaining. 

As a tough endurance sport, Multisport helps to develop key transferable skills and attributes such as ‘character’ and resilience under pressure. There is no formal training each week although there are some Adventure Training sessions with the co-ordinator and outside coaches prior to events.

Professional coaching can be facilitated by the co-ordinator for elite-level and aspiring elite-level triathletes. The co-ordinator also organises competition entries, transport and support for Triathlon, Duathlon and Adventure Racing events. Orienteering and Ultramarathon events are managed by parent groups.

Competitions require endurance, strength, efficiency of motion, mental toughness, technical outdoor skills, and an understanding of nutritional needs. While solid fitness is a prerequisite, successful multisport racers are those with the ability to react to the unexpected.

There is no uniform multisport race format – every race is unique. They may last from several hours to several days (with the ‘non-stop’ variety referred to as adventure racing). Multisport stage races are increasingly popular, for example, four to six hour competitions spread over several consecutive days – and demand fast recovery. Some races require navigation, while others follow marked courses. Some are solo endeavours while others require a team of two, four or eight to cross the finish line together. Team dynamics are critical when teammates are under stressful and in physically demanding situations.

Adventure racing is a type of multisport involving a more extensive range of disciplines and often requires an element of orienteering/navigation, as the course may be unknown at the start of the race. Adventure racing events typically last from one to six days with the courses varying in distance, duration and terrain. The events can include cross country running, mountain biking, climbing and kayaking. In most cases, competitors will carry their own food, fluid, clothes and tents. For both multisport and adventure racing the body relies predominately on the aerobic energy system and a lean physique is advantageous.


At the 2019 New Zealand Secondary Schools' Multisport Championships, with our U16 Girls winning bronze.

Orienteering Successes

2021 Runner Up NZSS Senior Girls.

Adventure Racing Successes

2021 Winners NZSS Mixed Team.

2019 was also an extremely strong year for the St Andrew's College Adventure Racing teams, winning the New Zealand Secondary Schools' Championships Mixed Team event and finishing as runners-up in the South Island Secondary Schools' Mixed Team event. The Mixed team also won the Zonta Sports Awards for the Most Outstanding Mixed Team.

Coast to Coast Successes

2021 First Female and School Grade Winner Two Day Team.

Co-ordinator: Mr Mark Lane