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2023 Student Leadership Team

Te Ohu Ākonga Kaiārahi 2023


Heads of College
Torin Ward (Head Prefect), Lily Champion-Smith (Head Prefect), Lachlan Odlin (Deputy Head Prefect), Poppy Rumble (Deputy Head Prefect), George MacLeod (Head of Boys’ Boarding) and Freddy Todhunter (Head of Girls’ Boarding).

Jackson Blake, Jedd Bright, Max Blockley, Georgia Eagle, Mia Fraser, Jacob Giles, Connor Higgs, Emily (Millie) Keith, Gabriella (Gabby) Kenton-Smith, Morgan Lee, Kavanah Lene, Marco Leighs, Gemma Lewis, Annika MacDonald, Juliet Noordanus, William Russell, Fergus Sidey, Sienna Stowers-Smith, Penelope Taulafo, Laai Tausa, Cylas Tauti, Lucas Te Rangi, Louis Van der Bent, Mia Walker, Lauren Whittaker and Luke Wylie.

  • Torin Ward

    Torin Ward

    Head Prefect

  • Lily Champion Smith

    Lily Champion-Smith

    Head Prefect

  • Lachie Odlin

    Lachlan Odlin

    Deputy Head Prefect

  • Poppy Rumble

    Poppy Rumble

    Deputy Head Prefect

  • George MacLeod

    George MacLeod

    Head of Boys’ Boarding, Pipe Sergeant

  • Freddy Todhunter

    Freddy Todhunter

    Head of Girls’ Boarding

  • Jack Satterthwaite

    Jack Satterthwaite

    Head of Well-being

  • Radha Vallabh

    Radha Vallabh

    Head of Well-being, Head of Peer Support

  • Jorja Williams

    Jorja Williams

    Head of Peer Support

  • Georgia Eagle

    Georgia Eagle

    Head of Senior Council, Drum Sergeant

  • Evangeline McNeill

    Evangeline McNeill

    Head of Senior Council

  • Gemma Lewis

    Gemma Lewis

    Academic Captain, Head of Sustainability

  • Annika MacDonald

    Annika MacDonald

    Academic Captain

  • Daniel Robertson

    Daniel Robertson

    Academic Captain

  • Amelia McAllister

    Amelia McAllister

    Sports Captain

  • Mia Walker

    Mia Walker

    Cultural Captain

  • Marco Leighs

    Marco Leighs

    Cultural Captain, Head of Theatresports

  • Alex Rippin

    Alex Rippin

    Sports Captain, Head of MacGibbon House

  • Lucas Te Rangi

    Lucas Te Rangi

    Head of Erwin House

  • Lauren Whittaker

    Lauren Whittaker

    Head of Erwin House

  • Maddison Barr

    Maddison Barr

    Head of MacGibbon House

  • Connor Higgs

    Connor Higgs

    Head of Rutherford House, Drum Corporal

  • Charlotte Seddon

    Charlotte Seddon

    Head of Rutherford House

  • Nikkita McIntyre

    Nikkita McIntyre

    Head of Thompson House

  • William Russell

    William Russell

    Head of Thompson House

  • Guy Daniels

    Guy Daniels

    Head of Community Service

  • Jessie Logie

    Jessie Logie

    Head of Community Service

  • Makayla Dai

    Makayla Dai

    International Culture Leader, Head of Art

  • Zihui Alisia Ren

    Zihui (Alisia) Ren

    International Culture Leader

  • Isla Calder

    Isla Calder

    Head of Agriculture Student Committee

  • Marshall Stokes

    Marshall Stokes

    Deputy Head of Agriculture Student Committee

  • Kate McFerran

    Kate McFerran

    Head of Ballet

  • Siara Clarke

    Siara Clarke

    Head of Ballet

  • Sophie March

    Sophie March

    Head of Dance

  • Sienna Spark

    Sienna Spark

    Head of Dance

  • Emily Millie Keith

    Emily (Millie) Keith

    Head of Debating

  • Luke Wylie

    Luke Wylie

    Head of Debating

  • Xanthe Pearce

    Xanthe Pearce

    Head of Debating, Head of Drama

  • Tamaroa Tama Connelly

    Tamaroa (Tama) Connelly

    Head of Drama

  • Reuben Dickason

    Reuben Dickason

    Head of Library

  • Cleo Beynon

    Cleo Beynon

    Head of Māori & Pasifika

  • Holly Maraki

    Holly Maraki

    Head of Māori & Pasifika

  • Kavanah Lene

    Kavanah Lene

    Head of Māori & Pasifika

  • Catherine Catie Lattimore

    Catherine (Catie) Lattimore

    Head of Media – Production

  • Bede Miller

    Bede Miller

    Head of Media – Technical

  • Sea am Thompson

    Sea-am Thompson

    Head of Orchestral and Chamber

  • Naomi Dana

    Naomi Dana

    Head of Jazz, Head of VEX Robotics

  • Luke Brown

    Luke Brown

    Head of Rock

  • Jack Flanagan

    Jack Flanagan

    Head of Vocals

  • Madeline Clucas

    Madeline Clucas

    Head Sacristan

  • Emily Morgan

    Emily Morgan

    Head Sacristan

  • Elliot Graves

    Elliot Graves

    Head of Sustainability

  • Luke Skinner

    Luke Skinner

    Deputy Head of Sustainability

  • Bailey Moir

    Bailey Moir

    Head of VEX Robotics

  • Portia Bennie

    Portia Bennie

    Head of Writing

  • Toby Cammock Elliott

    Toby Cammock-Elliott

    Pipe Major

  • Iona Lawson

    Iona Lawson

    Pipe Corporal

  • Lucas Paterson

    Lucas Paterson

    Pipe Corporal

  • Lucy McIntyre

    Lucy McIntyre

    Drum Corporal