Old photo album of photos in the 1900s at St Andrew's College


Whare Taonga

From its earliest days, St Andrew’s College has recognised the importance of documenting and preserving its unique and treasured history. The College museum was started in 1921 with various articles being put on display in a glass case in a classroom. As the collection grew the museum found a new home in Strowan House, itself a heritage building.

Celebrating our past

Our collection varies from photographs and archival material art, literature, digital records, military records and artefacts that reflect our Scottish heritage.

It is a place of belonging for the College family, supporting lifelong connections with St Andrew’s.

As the College prepared for the Centenary celebrations in 2017, the Museum’s collections played an important role in acknowledging the College’s history. The new Museum builds upon the programme and collection established by former Curator, Jan Hampton, and is now maintained by Archivist and Curator Pip Dinsenbacher.

St Andrew's College straw hat, silver cup and Athletic Sports Programme from the early 1900s

The Museum's
mission statement

The Museum’s purpose is to be the keeping place for the College’s history and traditions, an enduring point of engagement with College culture, and a source of pride for all of the College’s communities. The Museum aims to develop, document and care for a focused and relevant collection of taonga which reflects and promotes the culture of St Andrew's College.

We aim to deliver exhibitions and other programmes that celebrate the stories of St Andrew’s College and its communities to inspire present and future generations.

Old suitcase with memorabilia from the 1900s at St Andrew's College

Behind the scenes

The College's Museum collection is made up of a range of materials, including textiles, precious metals, ceramics, paper, photographs and wood. Each item has specific requirements for optimal preservation storage. To ensure our treasures are cared for efficiently and will survive to be studied and enjoyed by future generations, the Museum’s storeroom has been completely refitted with state-of-the-art shelving, boxing and enclosures.

We are committed to our vision to create a leading school museum, which is sustainable and professionally managed to international standards, and, above all, is valued by our community.

Items from the war belonging to ex St Andrew's College students



If you have an item of interest you would like to discuss or donate to the St Andrew’s College Museum, please contact our co-ordinator, Pip Dinsenbacher.