Our Governance and Executive

Mana Urungi

Responsibility for the strategic direction and educational, financial and reputational success of St Andrew’s College rests with an elected Board of Governors and the Executive teams. All members of the Board of Governors and Executive Team have access to extensive professional development opportunities, including the annual Independent School New Zealand Conference.

Board of Governors

The Board meets eight times a year and undertakes annual strategic planning to ensure St Andrew’s College remains closely attuned to the challenges and opportunities that will affect its future. It is fully committed to providing world-class facilities and to resourcing the College’s academic and operational staff to ensure a culture of continuous improvement. We welcome our local community to join us at the Board Annual General Meeting which is held in June each year.

A message from our Board Chair

The St Andrew’s College Board of Governors is an Incorporated Society. Members are appointed to the Board through a selection process that ensures the Board maintains a balance in backgrounds and perspectives. The Rector also sits on our Board.

A major role of the Board is developing and monitoring the implementation of the strategic vision of the College in a manner consistent with our values, culture and faith. As guardians of the College, the Board recognises the importance of blending our heritage and treasured traditions with continuous improvement and innovation in education. Other key roles include the appointment of the Rector and oversight of finances, risk management, health and safety, and development of the campus.

As a Board, we are incredibly proud of the academic, sporting and cultural excellence of our students. We know, however, that success extends far beyond the classroom, sports field or theatre. We want every child to be truly known, valued and cared for, have a sense of belonging in a warm, nurturing environment, and develop a strong sense of connection to the wider St Andrew’s community.

Felicity Odlin Board Chair in Centennial Chapel

Our Board of Governors

Mrs Felicity Odlin (Board Chair – Financial Manager)
Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)
Mr Nick Letham (Deputy Chair – Corporate and Commercial Law Partner)
Ms Stephanie Bain (People and Culture Consultant/Director)
Mr Richard Holyoake (Business Director)
Mr Peter Nelson (Managing Director)
Mr Rob Woodgate (Group Chief Financial Officer)
Ms Jamie-Lee Tuuta (Barrister)
Mr Peter Armstrong (Chief Executive Officer)
Mr Alan Merry (Chief Executive Officer)

Our Executive Teams

Management of all aspects of College operations is led by the Executive and Business Executive teams, which meet fortnightly, and at other times when circumstances demand it, to manage all operational aspects of the thriving and multifaceted community of St Andrew’s College. The Executive team works closely with our passionate, skilled teachers to ensure it remains a place of exceptional achievement with spirit and heart, where students have the opportunity to excel, and grow their talents and personal qualities.

Executive Team:

  • Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)

  • Mr Evert van Florenstein (Head of Secondary School)

  • Mr Jonathan Bierwirth (Principal of Preparatory School)

  • Ms Justine Scott (People and Business Manager)

  • Mr Richard Boon (Financial Controller)

  • Mr Hamish Bell (Head of Values and Culture)

  • Mr David Bevin (Head of Teaching and Learning)

  • Mr Dave Hart (Chief Information Officer)


Business Executive Team:

  • Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)

  • Ms Justine Scott (People and Business Manager)

  • Mr Richard Boon (Financial Controller)

  • Mr Dave Hart (Chief Information Officer)

  • Mrs Kay Shaw (Head of Communications)

  • Mr Mark McGregor (Facilities Manager)

  • Mr Art Preuss (Health and Safety Manager)

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