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Strategic Vision

Rautaki Matawhānui

The St Andrew’s College Board of Governors and senior management team pay close attention to factors within and outside the school which affect the way in which we operate, and how teaching and learning programmes are delivered.

Our responses to those factors and our analysis of future challenges, considerations and opportunities are articulated in a Strategic Plan, which forms the basis of annual Whole-school Goals. These are specific, measurable objectives that shape the way we operate as an organisation. Whole-school goals, and our progress towards them, are communicated to all staff and parents via newsletters and the College intranet.

Our Strategic Priorities

  1. High Performance – We constantly seek to challenge, extend and develop our holistic educational practice as individuals and a professional community.
  2. Opportunity – We create and sustain an extensive range of diverse opportunities that inspire, engage, build confidence and lead to personal growth.
  3. Partnership and Social Responsibility – We embrace our outward looking perspective, seeking out opportunities to connect with, learn from and contribute to external partnerships, which enhance the St Andrew's educational experience.
  4. Celebration and Community – We celebrate our faith, traditions, achievements and individual strengths that bind us together as a caring community and connect us to our past, our present and our future.
  5. Well-being – We adopt a proactive, evidence-based approach that allows us to promote and support the well-being, safety and welfare of young people, staff and community.
  6. Place and Space – We provide exceptional and flexible learning environments that inspire and support young people and staff, enabling us to realise our vision as a future-focused school.

Together, building better people, for life