Country comes to town

30 November 2023

St Andrew's College student feeding a bottle of milk to a goat at the 2023 Ag Show.


The annual StAC Ag Show in September was a resounding success, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of spectators and participants, who enjoyed the competitive fun of a traditional A&P Show, and the opportunity to interact with some adorable animals.

The Ag Show’s keenly contested competitions saw the artistic, baking, flowering arranging, and even LEGO talents of St Andrew’s students and staff on full display. One of the highlights, was the Best Animal Video category, with the Supreme Award won by Charlotte Donovan (Year 7) for her heart-warming video of her dog. The exceptional flower-arranging skills of Sabine Waghorn (Year 7) saw her named Supreme Winner in the Art section. Teacher in Charge of Chemistry, Santhia Hamburg, was named top baker in the staff baking category.

A petting zoo, featuring adorable baby lambs, goats, bunnies, and other animals, was hugely popular, along with the opportunity to pat friendly greyhounds.

Head of Agriculture, Natasha Cloughley, says with common threads of agriculture, art, and creativity at the StAC Ag Show, there was something for everyone. “We are grateful to the sponsors and St Andrew’s community for their support of this event. It was great to see the excitement and enjoyment people got out of entering and viewing the various competitions, and connecting with the animals.”

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