Film Fest 2023

30 November 2023

St Andrew's College student shaking the hand of the Head of Drama and Dance as he accepts an award at Film Fest.


The highly anticipated Film Fest, on Friday 22 September, was another triumph, showcasing the talent of St Andrew’s aspiring filmmakers.

The evening was hosted by the charismatic duo of Marco Leighs and Jeremy Kent (both Year 13), and was also a celebration of classic cinema, with attendees encouraged to wear costumes that paid homage to the silver screen’s golden era. Portia Bennie (Year 13) walked away with several well-deserved prizes, including the prestigious Best Film award. Portia’s achievement is all the more impressive considering this was her first foray into filmmaking.

A standout moment was the impressive remake of the final scene from the movie Casablanca, which left the audience in awe. Bede Miller’s (Year 13) labour of love in recreating this iconic moment was a true testament to his technical prowess and dedication to the craft. A further highlight was the inclusion of Year 9–10 filmmakers in the awards for the first time, with Louis Tappin (Year 9) deservedly winning the Best Junior Film award for The Caller.

Award winners were:

  • Portia Bennie (Year 13): Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design – The Band Plan;

  • Bede Miller (Year 13): Best Cinematography, Best Costume and Make-Up – The Swap;

  • Ewan Hamer (Year 13): Best Actor – The Band Plan;

  • Tamaroa Connelly (Year 12): Best Supporting Actor – Sins of the Past;

  • Flynn Rhodes, Jenna Howell, Shaun Cooper (all Year 12): Best Director – The Party Hat;

  • Flynn Rhodes (Year 12): Best Editing – The Party Hat;

  • Louis Tappin (Year 9): Best Junior Film – The Caller.

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