Giving back at StAC

30 November 2023

St Andrew's College student dunking Head of Middle School in water as part of a fundraiser for local charity.


St Andrew’s has a long, proud history of giving back to the community, with many wonderful initiatives and fundraising campaigns run by the student-led Community Service team each year.

Rector, Christine Leighton, says these endeavours raise the consciousness of students to those in need and encourage them to develop a spirit of generosity towards others. “During Senior Chapel in Term 3, we learnt from Heads of Community Service, Jessie Logie and Guy Daniels (both Year 13), that $51,339 had already been raised this year to support a variety of causes across Christchurch and outside New Zealand. This is an outstanding effort.”

Major initiatives in 2023 include raising money for the Red Cross to help in the response to Cyclone Gabrielle; supporting So They Can’s One Human Race Challenge, to raise funds for vital education and empowerment projects which support girls in Kenya; and participating in World Vision’s 40‑Hour Challenge.

A wide range of local charities have also been supported through various initiatives including Child Cancer,
Full Bellies, Qtopia, Christchurch City Mission, I Am Hope, Snug Up Rug Up, and Clothed in Love. Jessie Logie says the St Andrew’s community enthusiastically gets behind the Community Service team’s initiatives. “We really appreciate everyone who donates to the different causes, and especially those who have volunteered and given back in some way to the community. We encourage students to maintain a mindset of generosity and selflessness right until the end of the year.”

Jessie has followed in the footsteps of her sister, Izzy Logie (OC 2021), who was also a Head of Community Service in her final year at the College. Izzy, who is in her second year at the University of Canterbury, studying towards a Bachelor of Science, was a special guest at the Senior College Chapel, where she spoke about her continued community service involvement beyond school.

Izzy told students that community service was an integral part of her life at St Andrew’s, and her experiences at the College have inspired her to keep giving back. “The concept of helping others from the goodness of your heart will always remain a meaningful part of your journey. It is people and community that really make the world go around. Your career and money will do its thing, but life wouldn’t be the same without people looking after people.”

At the university, Izzy is a member of the Student Volunteer Army, and is part of the Lads Without Labels club, which organises an annual Run72 event for mental health awareness. She has a part-time job as an environmental co‑ordinator and culinary supervisor at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre and is a member of the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility group. “A significant part of our work involves selecting a charity to support throughout the year and organising opportunities for our staff and the organisation to volunteer their time in support of local causes.”

Izzy says no matter where students end up once they leave the College, the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and in the community will always be present. “Helping people in need is not only a good thing to do and will help to lift them up, but it also fills your cup too.”

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