1st XV Rugby Reunion 2023

28 July 2023

Old Collegians gathered for the 1st XV Rugby Reunion

Old Collegians gathered for the 1st XV Rugby Reunion

On Saturday 22 July, a freezing, wet and bitterly cold Christchurch day, 80 Old Collegians gathered for our annual 1st XV Rugby Reunion. We welcomed teams from 1953, 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993, 2003 and 2013. It was a fantastic turnout for one of the most-anticipated games of the season against Christ’s College. We were delighted to have three of our 1953 team members, Euan Hilson (OC 1954), Don Sloss (OC 1955) and Geoff Millar (OC 1956) celebrating their 70 Years On. Don’s grandson Johnnie (OC 2014) and Geoff’s son Hamish (OC 1983) were also present for their respective team’s reunions, alongside several other guests who had family members in different teams, so it made for a special catchup this year.

Before the game, Mike Johnston (OC 1974) took several Old Cols to present the 1st XV players with their jerseys. Don Sloss, Paul Le Lievre (OC 1963), Guy Gardiner (OC 1973), Duncan Anderson (OC 1983), Clark McLeod (OC 1993) and Mikae Tuu’u (OC 2003) delivered powerful speeches to the players, sharing memories of their games against Christ’s College, and what that game had meant to them.

Back in the Sports Pavilion, the guests were able to watch the match from the balcony, although many retreated inside by halftime due to the atrocious weather. Our sympathy was with the boys on the field, and it was often hard to tell which team was which due to the sheer amount of mud! It was a relief when the final whistle blew, and St Andrew’s secured a 12–10 win.

Thank you to our Old Boys who came from all around Australasia to catch up with their teammates and make this a truly memorable reunion.

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