2021 Gentlemens' Luncheon and 70 Years On (1951–1955)

18 October 2021

Group of Old Collegians with Rector, Christine Leighton outside Strowan House

Old Collegians with Rector, Christine Leighton (far right) outside Strowan House

On Friday 15 October, the College hosted the annual Gentlemens' Luncheon. A group of 75 Old Collegians, ranging in age from 73 to 98, were warmly welcomed to the campus, including 18 gentlemen from the class of 1951–1955 who were celebrating their 70 Years On Reunion. For some, the Gentlemens' Luncheon has become an annual event, but for many others it was their first time returning to the College for some time. It was wonderful to see them reuniting with each other after so many years.

After morning tea, a large group headed over the Turley Bridge to the Centennial Chapel for a short tour where they were entertained by the talented Russell Kent (OC 1959) on the organ. We were treated to a fabulous lunch and more hilarious tales and antics from the memory banks. There was one story regaled from an early 1950’s student concerning his belt that sported 15 nicks during a term – one for every time he was firmly disciplined. Ironically, that same person became a long-standing Principal for 30 years and, due to his own capers, he was able to pre-empt his own students’ misdemeanours just by looking at them! Then there was the poor Latin teacher who was partial to a trip to the Carlton after lessons, so was less than impressed when he tried to drive off in his Morris for the obligatory afternoon pint only to find his back axle had been tied to the nearest tree. During the Rector’s address, Christine remarked how much she loved hearing these stories and realised, despite the fact we celebrate diversity, naughtiness still prevails!

George Scrimshaw (OC 1955) and Murray McIver (OC 1955) delivered the Toast’s to the College and Absent Friends, and Mac Hamilton (OC 1957) was introduced to his uncle’s 1928 tennis medal that was recently acquired by the College after being spotted on an online auction.

Thank you to all the Old Collegian’s who were able to come and share a wonderful event that we were very grateful to have been able to hold it in these current climes.

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