Gentlemen's Luncheon 2020

20 November 2020

Old Collegians inside Strowan House for Gentlemen's Luncheon

Old Collegians at the Gentlemen's Luncheon

On Friday 16 October, around 95 Old Collegians who attended St Andrew’s College 60-plus years ago, gathered at the Gentlemen’s Luncheon to reconnect and reminisce about the good old days. OCA President, Meg Black (2010), and Board Chair, Bryan Pearson (1980), both attended their first Gentlemen’s Luncheon, and joined with Rector Christine Leighton to welcome the gentlemen back. During the luncheon, Keith Wardell (1949) said a lovely grace, and Euan Hilson (1954) proposed a toast to absent friends.

Wal Scott (1959) provided a good-natured toast to the College adding some humorous memories. In her reply, Rector Christine Leighton updated the guests on College life and introduced the College Curator, Pip Dinsenbacher. Christine and Pip both acknowledged the responsibility of the College to gather stories and memories from Old Collegians about life at St Andrew’s College and after they left, to be filed for future generations. Pip encouraged the gentlemen to get in contact with her and share their tales. Students from the College’s Barbershop group performed three songs, which was a lovely finish to a luncheon filled with spirit and connection.

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