Celebrating Sportsmanship: St Andrew’s College Athletic Sports Day

1 March 2024

Written by Director of Sports Strategy, John Haggart

At St Andrew’s College, our Athletic Sports Day is not just about winning medals – it’s about character, sportsmanship, and the spirit of our school community. This year, we proudly recognise the outstanding behaviours and actions of students who embody our core values with the introduction of the Thistle Good Sorts Awards. 

The Thistle Good Sorts Awards

Inspired by our school’s sporting symbol, the Thistle, we’ve awarded the Thistle Good Sorts prizes to students who exemplify our “Balance is Better” approach. Let’s celebrate their contributions:

Deep Roots: Show Respect

  • Iosefo Tito (Year 9): Leading the House chants with unwavering enthusiasm, Sefo demonstrated true leadership;

  • Tyler Williams and Seth Overcomer (both Year 9): These two boys were exceptionally helpful and respectful during the long jump event;

  • Katie (Year 11): Competing with pride and respect, Katie set a positive example for her peers;

  • Amber de Wit (Year 12): Showing respect to all students and staff, excellent manners.

Strong Stem: Take Responsibility

  • Oliver Orchard (Year 10): His superb raking at the long jump exemplified responsibility and attention to detail;

  • Toby Allan (Year 10): Toby’s dedication to maintaining the long jump area was commendable.

Mighty Thorns: Show Courage

  • Harris Steel (Year 13): Pushing his mate’s wheelchair throughout the day, Harris demonstrated compassion and courage;

  • Mathew Lee (Year 13): Leading his House chants and putting his energy into the House spirit;

  • James Ryan (Year 10): Courageously discussing a sensitive issue, James showed empathy and maturity;

  • Carter Evans (Year 10): Another student who engaged in a meaningful conversation, Carter’s courage was admirable;

  • Toby Lemon (Year 9) and Deep Roots (show respect): Toby came an introduced himself as a new Year 9 student and to have a chat.

Vibrant Flower: Stay Engaged

  • Ava (Year 12): New to our school this year, Ava supported athletes of all ages from the house area;

  • Alexa Love (Year 12): Getting involved with as much as she could on Athletic Sports Day;

  • Kai Sloane (Year 9): Kai’s house spirit and good sportsmanship added vibrancy to the event;

  • Noah Fihaki (Year 9): Introducing himself and connecting with a former cohort member, Noah displayed genuine engagement.

Whilst some athletes were acknowledged with a small voucher to the Cafeteria, it was complemented by many others such as our outstanding Pipe Band, our enthusiastic House Leaders all displaying the true spirit of St Andrews.

Our Athletic Sports Day isn’t just about winning races; it’s about fostering a positive environment where every student contributes. Congratulations to our Thistle Good Sorts – you’ve made St Andrew’s College proud!

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