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Creating fun and togetherness in the Senior College

Regulus // Issue 2 // August 2023

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Heads of Senior College Council, Georgia Eagle and Evangeline McNeill (both Year 13).Led by the dynamic duo of Georgia Eagle and Evangeline McNeill (both Year 13), the Senior College Council has brought many exciting creative ideas to life in 2023, which have built connections and fostered a sense of community for students in the Senior College.

Comprising 13 students from Years 12–13, the Council is responsible for organising a wide range of events and initiatives throughout the year, with its flagship event being the eagerly anticipated Senior College Formal. Georgia and Evangeline were delighted to hold this year’s successful formal at the city’s spectacular new convention centre, Te Pae. “Georgia and I had lots of fun helping to choose the theme, and collaborating with people like the venue co-ordinators, lighting specialists, and photo booth people to bring the event to life,” says Evangeline.
Georgia and Evangeline liaised with the Senior College Council throughout the organisation process, and had the support of Senior College Office Administrator, Jocelyn Simmons; Preparatory School Receptionist, Kelsey Williams; and Head of Senior College, John Ruge, who along with Deans, Donna Jones and Riley Gain, are ‘super supportive’ of all the Council’s initiatives, says Evangeline.

Earlier in the year, the Senior College Council kicked off its activities with a Valentine’s Day celebration, decorating the Senior Common Room in a sea of pink, and providing a chocolate heart delivery service, complete with handwritten notes by the sender, for the romantics in the student body. On Monday 26 June, senior students arrived at the College to find their Common Room decorated in a blue and white festive theme, with Christmas trees and twinkling fairy lights, to celebrate Mid-Winter Christmas.

Fostering stronger connections between Year 12–13 students is a big focus of the Council, with the mix of students in both year groups on the Council, one of its strengths, says Georgia. “We get to mix with the Year 12 students and have an impact on them, while working together to help senior students think of themselves as one community. A lot of the Year 12 students on the Council this year will carry on next year, like Evangeline and I did. This ensures experienced students are on the Council and gives students a chance to put their own spin on things when they get to Year 13.”

Some of the ways the Council promotes cohesion between the year groups is the organisation of Senior College Assemblies, which have fun competitive activities, allowing the Year 12 and Year 13 cohorts to earn points towards the Common Room Cup, which is awarded at the end of the year. They also planned Inter-Tutor group sessions, where a Year 12 and a Year 13 tutor group were randomly paired for an extended tutor time to get to know each other and build connections.

Looking ahead, the Council is planning to host a movie night/slumber party.
Georgia and Evangeline say the Senior College Council is happy to ‘chug along behind the scenes’, injecting an element of fun into Senior College life, and promoting the spirit of togetherness.

The Senior College Council, led by Georgia Eagle and Evangeline McNeill, brings creative ideas to life, fostering community and connections.