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Te Waka Calling Ceremony

Regulus // Issue 1 // May 2023

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Students jump on the beach at the sunrise ceremony.It was an early start for Year 10 ākonga, Te Waka teachers, and Year 10 tutors on Thursday 2 March, who travelled to Sumner to enjoy the sunrise at Rapanui, Shag Rock as part of ‘The Calling’ ceremony.

The dawn ceremony is part of the Te Waka programme and was organised by Teacher in Charge of Te Waka, Kate Taylor. ‘The Calling’ signifies the end of childhood and the students’ transition towards adulthood, letting go of behaviours, and accepting new challenges and responsibilities.

The venue was chosen as a reminder of Christchurch’s resilience, that even though things might feel a bit broken, or look a bit different, they can still just be as beautiful and come out of things even stronger. This parallels the challenges students face in their journey to adulthood, which will teach them perseverance and resilience. ‘The Calling’ also involves a show of gratitude to people who influenced the students through their childhood. An important part of the ceremony involves the students writing a childhood behaviour they wish to let go on a shell or rock. The ceremony was respectful and reflective, and the students appreciated its significance.

Te Waka's dawn ceremony signifies a significant milestone for Year 10 ākonga.